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About a month ago my penis started feeling sore, and was very inflamed and hard around and in the urinary tract, after a week or so I broke out in a LARGE irritation spot right on the head and around the urinary tract as well as smaller leisons around and under the head.. When I say large I mean quarter sized scab and It was EXTREMELY painful and tender to even the slightest touch but not really itchy, about a week ago the scabs fell off but the urinary tract and the head is still sore and now also itchy (assuming bcs of healing scab), I also noticed that there are two hard spots right under the skin on the upper part of the shaft.. Also a month after breaking into hives I recently started feeling extremely tired and drained all day every day.. I assumed it was genital herpes or a yeast infection but when I read the symptoms they were not nearly described to be as severe, most people get small blisters but nowhere did it say that you could get a quarter sized scab on the tip... I also did the yeast infection at home spit in water test and it showed signs that I had yeast, it got cloudy and sank at bottom of glass which according to lots of posts indicates that it's a yeast infection... Unfortunately I cannot afford to do an STD test until next month, bcs I'm a full time student so broke as hell :( Im still assuming it's herpes but I'm actually afraid it might be more serious.. Please if anyone has any info let me know as soon ad possible, bcs if this doesn't calm down soon I'm gonna be forced to face an emergency room bill :( please please please help, I'm desperate at this point..

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