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Anyone had a similar experience ???

7 months ago I had sex with my then new girl friend. The next day there was a red patch in the skin behind the head of my penis it started to really burn and tingle. Then after about 4 days I had a really dull ache in my left testicle. So I went to The Sexual Health Clinic. The doctor said there was nothing wrong no blisters so he didnít think it was Herpes. A week later had sex again. The burning came back this time it was a burning/tingling feeling and this time my scrotum was red and burning as well. Again after 4 days my left ball ached for 2 days. I went back to the doctor who gave me antibiotics.

Finished the course (10 Days). I then MASTURBATED and exactly the same symptoms happened again. Red Burning/tingling penis/scrotum followed by ball ache for 2 days. The whole cycle lasts about a week. I was then put on Zorirax for 1 month as it was thought I had herpes. But still any friction from Sex or masturbation started the whole process off again.

I have not been back to the doctor for about 2 months and I have not had Sex or masturbated for about a month. About a week ago the burning/ tingling got worse on my scrotum.

I have been in pain for 7 months now, I basically cannot either have sex or masturbate without having a week of pain.

Sorry this so long.

The trigger seems to be friction (in any form)
My girlfriend has never had an STD. She has had thrush so I did try to use Thrush cream. This caused me so much irritation and pain after applying the cream I could not sit down.
I have no pain for a few minutes in the morning when I wake up and it then worse throughout the day
Hot baths are the only thing I found that help reduce the pain.
I have stopped washing the whole area with soap

I really need some help with this.

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