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I just found out last week that I have HPV. I have read numerous posts referring to a "few" warts. I'm sure there are some of you that have more than a few, but I keep hearing about a specific few warts that are noticeable. I am aware that there a many different types of genital warts and that one's warts can look different than another's warts, but I haven't heard anyone talk about warts that look like mine. I'm a female and I have pin-head sized warts along the inside of my labia. They are actually not visible, but you can feel that the skin is slightly bumpy. On ocassion, I'll get a slightly larger than pin-head sized wart that is white in color, and hurts, and they usually form inside my inner labia or around my clitoris, which really hurts. I suppose my main question is does anyone have warts that are numerous but so tiny that you can't see them but can only feel them? Also, does anyone else get itchy? I get very itchy inside my labia. And does anyone else have sharp pains in their genital when a wart is forming? I have researched quite a bit on HPV and I do realize that all of this is probably entirely possible, but it calms me down a little bit when somebody else has the exact symptoms that I do. Thank you so much.

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