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To whomever is interested.

I am 27 years old and I have had many sexual partners, sometimes protected, sometimes not.

In February after a recent heartbreak I had two one night stands within a week of eachother with girls I had barely knew. A week later I was diagnosed with Chlamydia.

I was given the standard antibiotics for treatment, after two weeks I still felt pain so I convinced my doctor to give me another dose. Continuing to see my doctor with complaints of pain he told me I was imaging things and magically I was cured! =)

In August, I started seeing someone for a few weeks. We had sex twice. Both times, it was what I would call dry sex, she wasn't at all a "wet" one. A week or two later after a shower I noticed several red bumps near my genitals.

After talking about it with her she states she's never had anything. Just before I noticed the bumps there was an extremely hot heat wave. I had a car with no AC and I remember noticing I was sweating along my belt line, I would feel extremely hot near the button on my jeans.

There was no itch until I noticed the bumps and it doesn't really itch now, so I think any itch that I thought I may have had was all in my head. My doctor says he doesn't think its herpes, he thought it was a fungus or maybe shingles.

He prescribed a cream of 1% CLOTRIMZL & TOPILIENE to apply twice per day. That was September 4th. There is no change in the bumps and I have recently shaved the area for a better view. I'll be headed back to my doctor this week, but I would strongly appreciate any help diagnosing this.

It doesn't burn or itch.
It doesn't blister.
It doesn't appear to have any pus.
It's been present for two months.
I don't think it has changed since I noticed it.
It is in the genital area with maybe 15 - 20 bumps on the shaft of my penis.


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