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Ok so I was told a couple months ago by a physical exam that I had genital warts. I was not offered any treatment and left confused so within the week I went to the sti clinic where they looked and said I did not have genital warts. I still felt uneasy so I booked with a gyno and after a month wait saw him. He looked and said I did not have genital warts. I recently had an unresponsive yeast infection so went to urgent care for meds and the doctor there said I had a genital wart. One tiny one. But did not offer treatment.
I am so confused. Why are the doctors saying yes then no then yes then no again. I plan to see my gyno again but I am concerned for the rest of my life I will have yes then no answers. Is there a way they can tell me definitely. I won't have sex with anyone because I'm terrified I will make someone sick and do not want to put anyone else through this too. I feel like I will never have sex again out of feat of catching something or passing something on. I've been tested for everything except herpes. The doctors keep telling me I would know if I had herpes cause I would blister. I have awful anxiety that every pain in herpes and this forces me to go to doctors where I then get the yes no to genital warts. Has anyone else had this problem. I should also note that the last doctor says it looks like a normal wart and not a genital wart and not to worry about it. I'm so confused with all of this and I can't eat or sleep. I'm scared to get close to anyone because I don't have straight answers. Anyone else been through this?

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