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Re: STD or UTI?
Jan 22, 2014
The only way to definitively rule out an STD is to have a healthcare provider test for one. Your symptoms sound like a UTI, but it could still be an STD. UTIs are unusual in young, otherwise healthy men (I'm not sure how old you are), even in men who are sexually active. I'm also not sure why they were sending you to the radiology department for urinary symptoms: were they trying to rule out a tumor or kidney stone or enlarged prostate or something?

I know it can be embarrassing to tell your doc about your sex life, but they ask these questions to help determine what's wrong. If you lie to them, they can end up misdiagnosing you, which could lead to serious complications later on. In your case, there's really no way to tell over the internet what's wrong, so the best thing to do would be to admit to your doctor what happened and have them test you for STDs.

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