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3 days ago I had an "erotic massage" from a prostitute in Amsterdam, which involved her putting a condom on me with her mouth. I was inebriated and completely regret this decision. Prior to this experience I have had no sexual relations (other than kissing). I'm now panicking about the possibility of having picked up an STD. I went to a clinic the day after the massage, but they said they couldn't test for anything as it was too soon. I'm currently out of my mind with worry and unable to focus on anything else

Description of what happened:

She asked me to remove my clothes and lie on the bed. She then removed my underwear and procured a condom. I have no idea about the reliability of this condom. She then proceeded to put the condom on with her mouth. I actually asked her not to do this, but she said she was clean and did it anyway. It looked like she put the tip of the condom in her mouth and then bent down to me, and then rolled it onto my penis with her mouth (if that makes sense). I'm hoping that in this process she did not contact the inside of the condom with her mouth, or contact my penis with her mouth but I am not sure.

Once it was on, she used some oil/lube (not sure), to masturbate me. She was wearing no clothes and sat on my leg as she did this. I could feel her vagina on my right thigh (near the knee). She also encouraged me to lick/suck her breasts and nipples, although she said to be gentle as they were "new". The "massage" lasted around 10 minutes.

After I completed, she slid the condom off. It did not appear to be broken.

My concerns are as follows:

1) I was inebriated and the lighting was poor, so I don't know if she had any cold sores in her mouth. Assuming the worst case, that she had a cold sore, what are my chances of having picked up genital herpes from her putting the condom on with her mouth? I am very concerned about the possibility that she left saliva on the inside of the condom or that her mouth touched my penis as she unrolled the condom. Additionally, what are my chances of getting genital herpes from this if she had oral herpes but was asymptomatic at the time?

2) I am currently not displaying any symptoms of herpes. If I do not exhibit any symptoms in the next 2 weeks, then what are the chances that I am an asymptomatic carrier, and I could still pass it on? Do I tell future partners that I may be an asymptomatic carrier?

3) When sucking her nipples I don't think I felt any secretions. However, I was intoxicated and may have just assumed any secretions were my own saliva. Her nipples felt very erect - I dont know if this is because she was lactating. I've read that there is an HIV risk with ingesting breast secretions/breast milk. What are my risks of HIV?

4) What the chances that I could contract genital herpes or something else from her vagina on my thigh? This contact was quite prolonged (for the duration of the massage basically - 10 minutes).

5) I've read that massage oil compromises the integrity of condoms. I am not sure what combination of oil/condom she used, but what are the risks that I may have picked up something due to a compromised condom (e.g., possibility of her saliva being rubbed through the condom?)

6) What else am I at risk of, and what should I be concerned about?

Thanks if you've read this far. I'd really appreciate some qualified advice and look forward to hearing back

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