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... smear and blood test and my test results came back positive for chlamydia and negative for everything else. I was put on a one time antibiotic which did not work. I went back for a second pap and tested positive for chlamydia again. ... (0 replies)
... weeks until it totally goes away. Then I pray it won't come back, but it always does. It usually feels swollen and hurts around the opening but I still get a rash and once I sratch them they kind of look liquidy...don't hold back to tell me what ya think, I'm already pretty positive it's herpes. ... (3 replies)
... About a month ago after having unprotected with a girl for a few months now I noticed redness under the foreskin and a little rash so i got an STD test which a week later came back posative for chlamydia. ... (1 replies)

... Hi Guys, I'm in the same boat... I was "drunk" and a women was all over me like a rash.. (in more ways than one). (More poor pecker was attacked... :eek: and I was just to drunk to push her off) Anyway, I got a triple hit of antibiotics Metronidazole, Ciprofloxacin & Doxycycline. Well, they made it worse. By doing research on the net I found that there's high... (5 replies)
Male chlamydia/ngu
Jan 14, 2004
... I read where it says you men would have a rash or itch outside on the genitals, I don't have that. ... (2 replies)
... It's definitely not Chlamydia or Gonorrhea because you don't get a rash with that. Those STD's present themselves as a really bad burning sensation when you pee, as if there are razors in your penis. ... (2 replies)
Rash on Penis
Nov 11, 2003
... Hi: This morning I've found that I have a red rash area on my testicles/penis. It's itching and feels a bit slimy. I was with a girl who said she had and treated clymidia a few years ago (about two weeks ago) - My condom broke when I was with her, so I was bare for a moment. The area is red and smooth...not any lumps, scabs or blisters that I can tell. In... (9 replies)
Not Chlamydia
Mar 15, 2005
... body that you wouldn't normally take a 2nd glance at had everything been okay. It's like people who think they've been exposed to HIV...all of a sudden a simple rash or cough means they have AIDS. ... (7 replies)
... I'm writing on behalf of my husband who refuses to be seen by a Dr. I'm worried about me, so I'd appreciate any help. 18 months ago my husband (prior to our marriage) had intercourse with another woman and contracted chlamydia. He took the appropriate antibiotics and tested negative after treatment. But at the same time, a "patch" of skin surfaced on the head of his... (1 replies)
Rash on Penis
Nov 11, 2003
... Now she told me that she had Chlamydia and was completely cured. ... (9 replies)
What is an NGU?
May 1, 2004
... second night, I took a long and hot shower and may have burned the foreskin area of the penis. i remember the day after, my foreskin area of the penis had a red rash and was itching. ... (6 replies)
... the only question i can answer here is... it's not chlamydia..... i had chlamydia back in april.... and it's foul smelling discharge... lower abdomenal pain.... no rash of any kind....... that's the only std i've had.... ... (3 replies)
... ough symptoms to know they are infected. Symptoms of primary genital herpes may include fever, headache, and muscle aches followed 3 days later by the classical rash of painful blisters and ulcerations of the skin where the infection occurred. ... (4 replies)
... they looked for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea just as a matter of course. So I'm confused about the doctor's reasoning, actually. ... (4 replies)
... I developed a rash on my chest and immediately panicked and diagnosed myself with HIV, when I got it checked at the doctors they said it wasn't an HIV rash and prescribed me with flucloxacillin however this hasn't helped the rash atall. ... (1 replies)
NGU complications?
Jan 16, 2006
... Hi there, I've been with the same woman for almost 8 years, and were were virgins when we met. About 2.5 years ago (in October in 2003), I messed up and received unprotected oral from a friend. Here's what happened since: November 2003: - about 2 weeks after the encounter I experience intense pain in the testes - foolishly continue to have unprotected sex (other than... (1 replies)
Syphilis worry
Dec 19, 2015
... Hi Guys hopefully someone can answer my question and thanks in advance !! will syphilis show up in a test 2 years after exposure? i had unprotected oral and protected anal with guy status unknown around 2 years ago and 2 days after my encounter i started to experience tingling in my uthera and mild over the next 7 days mild burning on my penis shaft, scrotum and butt cheeks,... (1 replies)
... After dating a man last year around May, I noticed when we were having sex, he had rash right on the top-upper part of the shaft, just below the head. :confused: He told me it was because of the friction during intercourse. Yes, could be. But then it started to hurt through my urethra, not burn, just pressure and hurts. I can't believe I waited 1 year and 4 months to get... (3 replies)
... Hi :wave: Id have to also go with genital warts, or some kind of STD. There are many that can itch and be cured if treated in time. Are there any other symptoms with the itching? Dischange, rash, or redness? How long has it been going on, and when did it start happening? Like after sex or anything down that line? (sry if thats too much asking). I have had chlamydia years ago... (3 replies)
... Two weeks later, texts me saying that I might "have something." Apparently, she had been diagnosed with chlamydia and told me to get tested. I got tested and tested negative. ... (4 replies)

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