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... i dont think that if they look like they can be popped.. they could be warts. They sound like cysts.. did you try to pop them? did it hurt or did anything come out at all? I had a cyst or something one time that i couldnt pop but it went away in a few days. You should look at the shape of the bumps and what they feel like too.. rough/smooth.. perfectly round/irregulat (3 replies)
... tish and look like they are something that can be popped, though they can't. It seems that these are below the skin, and not on it. I read somewhere else about cysts on the penis. I'm wondering if this sounds like cysts or genital warts. What do you think? ... (3 replies)
Genital warts?
Feb 21, 2005
... These are probably just sebaceous cysts, but you should check with your doctor just to be sure. If you are positive they were there before you had any type of sexual contact, then (obviously) they are not any type of STI. Although it is theoretically possible to contract HPV (the virus that causes genital warts) through oral sex or fingering, it is pretty unlikely. If... (1 replies)

... stopped having sex a little over a year ago because we were getting married, finishing up college and didnt want to risk getting pragnant. I looked up Sebaceous cysts and it looks more like one of those than a wart but I just wanted to know what every one here thought. ... (3 replies)
... are warts and cysts also ringworm connected and can a mother in pregnancy transmit this to here child (0 replies)
... but couldn't. I don't know if that means that they can't be though. They are roundish underneath and when I stretch the skin it's smooth. I've read that some cysts can't be popped and that they can be there forever. I wonder if thats true. I've had them for maybe a year. Would warts grow and spread? ... (3 replies)
... I'm not quite sure about that statement. I think a wart on the hand has the potential to be spread anywhere. Here is a paragraph I pulled from a medical website. Background: Warts are benign proliferations of skin and mucosa caused by human papilloma viruses (HPV). Currently, more than 150 types of HPV have been identified. Certain HPV types tend to occur at particular... (7 replies)
... Most cysts or pimples have a natural spot on them where the contents should come out if squeezed. That's usually a giveaway that it's nothing real serious. ... (4 replies)
... I often wondered if I had HPV or genital warts as a kid. I have PPP and sebaceuous glands on my penis. I've had them since puberty and before having sex for the first time. ... (6 replies)
... ok so i just noticed this is pretty big...i have had bumps there before and my gyno told me they were nothing...just these harmless cysts you get...but this is big...i had ringworm before on my arm and i have to say it kind of resembles question is how would i get ringworm there... ... (7 replies)
... warts would probably spread if you left them there.. on some people they would get worse and on some they would get better. It seems like a cyst to me because, 1. it seems like you could pop it and warts dont really look that way 2. its round ... If they arent rough or anything.. like the actual skin on the bump is not rough, then dont worry about it. if they dont go away,... (3 replies)
... I was worried it might be the beginning of genital warts, even though my dermatologist told me it wasn't, but he only examined the glans, which had been irritated. ... (2 replies)
... Hi All! Keep in mind that Herpes presents vastly different symptoms in different people. It is estimated that 1 in every 4 people have genital herpes, and 80% of them are unaware that they have it. Herpes can look like blisters or ulcers, or it can be very mild and look more like razor burn or a zits, or even just one small bump. It can even show up as just small cuts in... (5 replies)

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