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... Do genital warts itch? ... (2 replies)
... i had genital warts and they itched like crazy....sometimes i couldnt even sit all depends on the location of the warts. mine were around my rectum. ... (2 replies)
... I only had one, but mine didnt itch or hurt or anything. The only reason I knew I had it was because I could see it. ... (2 replies)

... Do the warts only show up on the point of contact? ... (3 replies)
... No I'm not male, I'm female . I was talking about the pubic mound as on the vulva, above the labia and everything else. I already have genital warts that I know, but these are very very tiny and not so much bumps or lumps as whitish spots. I guess like my skin color but slightly more white. ... (3 replies)
... genital warts don't disappear that fast right, their incubation period is much longer no matter if their is peroxide or meds involved, RIGHT! ... (8 replies)
... y do i have genital warts ive had these lil bumps on the bottom and sides of my penis shaft for like as long as i can remember probably 4 years they dont burn or itch is it genital warts there is like hundreds of them. ... (5 replies)
What do I have?
Dec 19, 2008
... It has been bothering me the whole semester. It doesn't bother me all the time, but there are periods of time where it will itch to no end. I try not to itch it, but sometimes it gets so I can't help it. Of course the itching leads to it hurting after awhile. ... (1 replies)
... Hey...I recently discovered that i did have warts in the rectal area. ... (2 replies)
... since the surgery,but they change positions. They arent hard when i touch them and they dont itch,i shaved about 1 month ago and ever since i been itching,but i do not itch there at my penis.DO i have an STD? ... (12 replies)
Nov 1, 2005
... I have only been thinking lately about genital warts. ... (3 replies)
What Do I have?
Jan 26, 2005
... I have genital warts and they itch and bleed on occasion. ... (5 replies)
... please help me i got these bomps in my pubic hair and they itch like crazy and there spreading. ive had alot of sex partners and 1 told me that one of hers said that they had a std. but that was 2 months ago. ... (8 replies)
Bumps on penis?
Aug 4, 2001
... mall and numerous just on the top surface of the head of my penis, not on sides bottom, or on the shaft. Just on the top. It has a redish tint to it. It does not itch or anything. When my penis is erect you can see them, there kind of in rows moving out towards the tip of my penis.It has been really bothering me. ... (1 replies)
... so if i got a check up i dont know if i could go through with the blood test. although id be happy with all the other tests. so might go do those first and pluck strength up to do blood test. ... (8 replies)
My story
Sep 21, 2005
... For the last five years I have been fighting genital warts. ... (6 replies)
Mar 9, 2007
... I thought genital warts and herpes were the same thing? ... (7 replies)
... but how do i know if i have genital warts. ... (2 replies)
... I do not think you have genital warts. I believe these are just aggatated hair follicles. Many men have these on the base of their penis. You say they do not itch or burn which is a positive sign. I do think you should have it checked out though, just in case. Good Luck! ... (5 replies)
Disease or no?
Sep 9, 2004
... You don't know what you have until you go to the doctors. Don't feel sorry for yourself or think the worst. Everything is going to be okay! If I can get through dealing with HPV then you can get over what you have IF you even have anything. You could be sweating over something you might not even have. Did you talk to the girl you had sex with about it? Tell her to get... (37 replies)

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