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... I had unprotected sex with my infected partner the day after we began treatment for Chlamydia. ... (5 replies)
... I mean, if I am not diagnosed with any illness of a kind, do you think that sex then would be quite safe? ... (7 replies)
... Not wise things to do at all. You get an STD having unprotected sex when everyone says not to, then you have unprotected sex again before completing your treatment. See a problem here? ... (5 replies)

... Hi, I'm in the same boat and searching for an answer. I have no idea what kind of antibiotic she gave me but that shot was huge. And she said it would cure all but not to have sex.:( Well, I thought I would be ok because me and my boyfriend just broke up. but we got back together and had that wonderful makeup sex. Well, passion got the better of me and no protection was used... (5 replies)
... I was told not to have sex during treatment and at least 4 weeks after treatment. Maybe try and control the hormones a bit? ... (5 replies)
... I was told to refrain from sex during treatment with antibiotics and also for one week after my last dose. ... (5 replies)
... ish bump on the inside of the outer lips of my vagina! now i asked the guy the other day if he had any stds or anything, and he said no, that he had been tested very recently. i do believe him.... ... (3 replies)
... several months later I am noticing another bump on the shaft of my penis. It has always been on the shaft more towards my body then the head. The one girl I had sex with assured me she was clean and has shown me results to prove it. But I have had unprotected oral sex with a few girls. ... (4 replies)
... Hello 22 male here, I have had some unprotected sex with a girl of known sexual history. Her sexual history is quite short and I know each guy personally that she has sex with. ... (2 replies)
Is this an STD?
Sep 30, 2013
... everal months with out being on the pill. When I became active I went and requested the same pill and am now into the third month. I noticed starting in the very first month that I was quite dryer than normal leading to a lot of chaffing and pain the first day after sex but then it would dissipate. ... (2 replies)
... d. I was intoxicated, and didn't realize stuff. There was penis to vagina contact obviously when he tried. After wards i felt a pain the next day. I thought at first he ripped me or something, but then i realized it was a red stinging feeling when i urinated. ... (4 replies)
Feb 15, 2006
... he had it, but were arn't sure if its correct disagnosis. Shortly after oral on here she seems to have a case of a yeast infection, I did the spit test the next day testing for candida which came out positive for it, is it possible to pass yeast infection from my spit to her through oral? ... (2 replies)
Oct 17, 2004
... t know if you read everything I have written before but I will give you a quick run down. I had unprotected sex about 3 months ago. The next day it felt like my testicles were sore. ... (4 replies)
... ply. I didn't realize that the virus can lye dormant for that long. We have been together for almost 9 years, since October '08. We have been haveing unprotected sex since probably Jan '09. ... (5 replies)
First time
Feb 25, 2009
... ld ask your doctor or local clinic to do the IgG blood test. DO NOT, repeat DO NOT allow them to do the IGM test which is WORTHLESS for diagnosing herpes in this day and age. ... (15 replies)
... the worst thing I've ever experienced, and it only took about 20 minutes. I laid in the exam room for about 20 minutes afterwards and then drove myself home. The first day I had severe cramps and some bleeding, but since then I've had no discomfort and the heavy clear discharge I was experiencing stopped 3 days ago. ... (1 replies)
My symptoms
May 6, 2010
... I mean, like you said before, tomorrow will be a week that I've been dealing with this. Last Thursday was the first day I started feeling any pain, and the pain was just down there during sex. It wasn't anything else. Like, it itched a little bit. ... (58 replies)
Dec 29, 2006
... My last pap smear and STD testing was done Jan 2006, we were having unprotected sex from the beginning, however while being with him from the beginning have been tested and it's always come out negative. ... (4 replies)
... off to vist a gyno, until im 18 so I can go by myself. Well, I let it go. I noticed that the itching sensation goes ago when Im not having sex. As soon as I have sex the next day the bumps are irritated. ... (2 replies)
... I've been in a monogamous relationship for three years, and we were both virgins when we first had sex. I know for a fact that she has not had other partners, but I had sex with another woman 3 days ago. ... (2 replies)

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