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... girl. She put a condom on me with her month. When I got home I started to worry about STD's so I washed myself down there with Hydrogen Peroxide. Since then the tip of my penis has been red and irritated. I had a doctor test my urine and he said it was clean. ... (3 replies)
... Oh man, I have the EXACT same issue. same conditions, same timeframe, same everything.....Redness around tip of penis. Starts at the meatus and extends down middle of penis head. Have been tested for all STDs, all negative. ... (19 replies)
... relax. it's a swollen, irritated taste bud on your tongue. ... (1 replies)

... i had unprotected sex i didn't finish and it felt like i had reall bad blue balls. my stomach and abdomen really hurt then it went away that night the next day and for the next few weeks my testicles felt sore. the tip didn't hurt or anything before the sharpe pain so a month after i had unprotected sex, i masterbated and i did it again a few hours later then i had a... (19 replies)
... i have the same symptoms....the penis tip pain and slight redness where the urologist says everything looks normal....but it isn't....testicular pain....tons of antibiotics.... ... (19 replies)
... penispain66 i have been in pain for about 5 months the tip and rim of the of my penis looks as if there is a skin irritation, urologist said (looks normal to me) but i have a lot of pain i have testicle and groin pain. small sharp pains here and there i have taken every antiboitic, spent everydime i have to get answers urologist said it might be prostatitis (that was 5... (19 replies)
... inflamation at the meatus. There are days when I notice a red streak starting at the tip and runs along the head. ... (19 replies)
... When I became sexually active, I always got irritated after sex, especially with oral sex. I always was easily "chaffed" or irritated. ... (6 replies)
... basically i had red bumps show up about 1.5 month ago on the tip of my penis. Had a few, maybe 3 bumps in total, so i didnt think much of it. ... (2 replies)
... has been able to answer them.. about three months ago I got a single bump near the opening of my penis. Then I noticed that after sex it would get red around the tip of my penis. It never burned when I peed it would just get irritated and feel sore after I did..I also noticed the dribbling after I urinated .... ... (2 replies)
... that sounds like a bacteria that was passed on sexually. discharge is not normal! You doc is a fool. Go to a INFECTIOUS DISEASE SPECIALIST. The bacteria can knock down the immune system so yeast can grow causing candidiasis. That is probably why you itch. I say do a month of antibiotics and then a week or 2 of diflucan. (6 replies)
... morning and get a small amount of clear sticky discharge to come out. One area of my foreskin got reddened. It actually looked and felt like it would when it was irritated by rubbing too much. My skin was itching, especially on my ears and neck and back areas. ... (6 replies)
... I wonder if my penis has always been kind of red at the tip and I never noticed it since I had no reason to look or if the infection is gone and it is really the cream causing the redness now. ... (16 replies)
... Does the burning feel like it is inside of the body or at the tip of the penis? ... (4 replies)
... Ladies and Gents, Having a little bit of a scare/freak out. My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex two days ago (she is on BC). Usually we have to use some lubrication because her vagina sometimes is not moist enough. This time we did not have any handy so we went with the good old saliva trick. We have done this before and I have gotten a burn/irritation in the past... (2 replies)
Dec 4, 2011
... i had "breast" sex with a woman about a week ago. A day or 2 later the tip of my penis hurts. There is no discharge or pain with urination. It seems that if i rub my penis with lotion it starts to feel better. ... (3 replies)
... Today was the first time that 2 small, about the tenth of the size of the head of a tac, bumps appears on the tip of my pee hole. ... (5 replies)
... Well, I'm an idiot. I received unprotected oral sex. (I'm male, bj from a woman) This was one of those "full service" massages. I said I wanted only hand contact, but she started doing that, and, like an idiot I let her cause it felt good. I was so disgusted afterwards. I washed my penis and pubic area off in a sink with a handful of antibacterial soap, although I know... (0 replies)
Jun 2, 2007
... i have done a lot of research and i dont have bumps like they say herpes should have but the tip of my penis is red and below the rim of the head of my penis looks red and its irritated. ... (0 replies)
Please Help!
Dec 30, 2004
... o I girl got on top of me and stuck the head of my penis in side of her just a little. When she got off her fluids were on it. A week later I feel a pinch at the tip of the head.It doesn't burn when I use the bathroom.Now the pinch is gone. ... (1 replies)

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