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Tip of Penis
Sep 1, 2006
... millimeter across. They are not bunching up or anything and each one is seperate and distinct. Oh you really can only see them closely when my penis is erect cause it increases the bloodflow to the head making it bigger. I was recently diagnosed with molluscum. Could this be related? ... (8 replies)
Spot on Penis
Jun 21, 2003
... I had Molluscum and was treating it with aldara. ... (1 replies)
HPV to Molluscum
Feb 1, 2013
... So last month I went to the doctor to have a bump on my penis checked out and it was diagnosed as HPV. ... (4 replies)

... They are probably molluscum, go see a dermatologist and they can remove them with a scalpel or freeze them, I'm guessing this is what they look like - Try to would say go right away as they do spread and then you have more of them to deal with . . . (2 replies)
... flesh colored, smooth, shiny bumps just below the head of my penis about 2 months ago. At the same time there were some very small white dots on the shaft of my penis. Those are smaller than the period at the end of a sentence. ... (2 replies)
Tip of Penis
Sep 1, 2006
... You can get molluscum anywhere on your body, including the head of your penis. Go to the dermatologist or your GP and have them check it out. Molluscum usually resolves on its own, like many other viruses. Be very careful because it is highly contagious. ... (8 replies)
... Ok this has been a pretty lengthy experience, beginning last february. I noted two small flesh like bumps on the head of my penis in february of 2005, and didnt think much of it, because i was still a virgin, oral sex from one girl who i have known since 6th grade, very little/no risk there. Waited a few weeks and they had not changed, so i made an appointment to see my... (3 replies)
... bumps under the skin on the shaft of my penis. I haven't gone to a doctor because they haven't gotten worse. Some I can squeeze almost like a white head pimple and a puss like liquid comes out. Most are toward the bottom of shaft but there are spots around penis towards the top. ... (6 replies)
HPV to Molluscum
Feb 1, 2013
... I'm actually not sure. At first it started out as what looked like a skin tag on the base of my penis. I didn't think much of it and ignored it for a month or so. Then once I had it treated with liquid nitrogen more marks started to appear on my inner thighs and testicles. However the other marks did not look like skin tags but rather looked like red pimples on my legs. ... (4 replies)
... I have a problem. For the past two weeks I've had what looks like skin irritation on the head of my penis. It's a couple of wide flat spots. I don't have any blisters or anything. I mean it seriously looks and feels just like skin irritation. ... (1 replies)
HPV to Molluscum
Feb 1, 2013
... Did the original bump look more like MC or HPV? I thought they always looked really different. Maybe they can look more alike in earlier stages? I think the way you're describing how they're disintegrating sounds like MC and not at all like HPV. You'll want to gently clean the fluid from the disintegrating things off yourself, because it may be able to cause them to appear... (4 replies)
... it's slowly going away but if it doesnt i'll see a doctor thank you (4 replies)
... thank u its slowly going away but its still there (4 replies)
... ok here is the deal. i have these flat looking bumps on the head of my penis. i also have a fungal infection on my penis which has been there for sometime and i have been to numerous doctors about this. ... (1 replies)
... I have lots of seperate red smooth spots on my scrotum, penis shaft and two have just appeared on my helmet. The ones on my shaft and helmet seem to have a yellowish head. ... (5 replies)
What do i have?
Jan 17, 2005
... for the past several years i have had some sort of small growths around the bass of my penis and under the head. im not sure what they are. they don't really puss they dont open or burst. ... (1 replies)
... Can anybody help me here. I'm freaking out. About 4 monthes ago I got Molluscum so my doc prescribed Aldara for me. As soon I started using this I started to get what looked like a few large spots of irritation on the head of my penis. ... (2 replies)

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