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Advice on sore
Apr 24, 2004
... assuming this wasnt your first sexual experience then it could be a sore from another encounter. it can take a long time for std's like herpes and hpv to show up. hpv doesnt hurt so it narrows things down. ... (3 replies)
... There was this one and first one that flaked off in the crown area of my penis and it turned into a scrape like sore. ... (0 replies)
Cold sore????
Apr 30, 2003
... where their mouth is sore on the outsides? ... (2 replies)

... sore ears, and sore eyes. This may or may not be related. ... (1 replies)
... I think I have a cold sore on my bottom lip. ... (2 replies)
Advice on sore
Apr 24, 2004
... A small sore has appeared at the head of my penis approximately 10 hours afer intercourse. It has appeared so quickly I do not believe that it could be any of the normal STDs. ... (3 replies)
... I know this is upsetting, everyone is different, no two people are alike and present with different symptoms, the most common ones are Extreme fatigue, headache that does not go away with meds, swellon glands in the gential area, low grade fever, chills body aches and pains, some people have a cut or bump others have a lesion which looks like a blister, then pops and... (2 replies)
... I am having small red paper cuts on my penis on the shaft behind the head. they seem to come after having sex with my girl and then it heals after about a day. ... (1 replies)
... But anything sore on your penis you should get it checked by your doctor. ... (5 replies)
... Does any1 know what this could be its like a little blackspot about the size of a pin head it is'nt raised or anything but is really sore around it could i have damaged my penis or could it be some diease:? (5 replies)
... it developed a small dark colored head, which is not a scab. Most of the redness went away as well. By this evening it has gotten smaller but it is just a little sore but I think that is from me picking at it so much. Im hoping its just a pimple or follicilitus or something else not so serious. ... (2 replies)
... put a condom on me with her month. When I got home I started to worry about STD's so I washed myself down there with Hydrogen Peroxide. Since then the tip of my penis has been red and irritated. I had a doctor test my urine and he said it was clean. ... (3 replies)
Apr 25, 2005
... had a spot on his penis that started out red and then turned into a sore and we found out it was herpes, we got some medicine to treat it and it went away. ... (11 replies)
Apr 22, 2005
... I notice a sore like thing on my boyfriend's penis the other day and I was just wondering if anyone knew what it could be... ... (11 replies)
... A herpes sore wouldn't last for 6 months, it would be gone in a matter of weeks. ... (5 replies)
... experience and he told me I shouldn't have anything to worry about. He looked in my throat, gave me some Zithromax, and for a while I was feeling good. Then my sore throat came back. And now, it's been on and off without it ever getting completely's really weird. ... (6 replies)
... Okay- so my boyfriend has this scab/sore on his penis- itís about the size of a dime. He says itís from where (this is where I get a little humiliated and I donít know how to word it so bare with meÖ) I had given him a sort of hand job without any lubeÖ anyway the point is I donít know if I believe him. Is it possible to get a dime sized scab from friction all around the... (1 replies)
... I am suffering of some of the symtoms you discribe, Royalty... I am coping with a sore penis, sticky discharge with white-yellowish dots in it producing a very foul smell for a year now. I once received a amoxicillin antibiotic of 5 days for a infection of my jaw. This did not only cure the infection in my mouth, but it made the smell and the discharge go away for a couple of... (16 replies)
Oct 5, 2003
... of centimetre round. It first appeared almost a month ago felt like a really anoying sting for a day and then the sore started to appear, and then began to scab over. ... (2 replies)
... When one of my sons was a toddler, he got red and sore in his diaper area and I thought it was diaper rash and treated it as such, but when it wouldn't go away, I took him to the doctor and he told me to use whatever you would for jock itch. Cleared it right up. Might work for you? (8 replies)

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