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... What are the weird symptoms inside your vagina you experience? ... (61 replies)
... Hi Traveller722, Thanks for answering my questions! Just to ease your mind slightly I wouldn't worry too much about Herpes on your eyelids, because it is normally contracted by babies during a vaginal birth when a mother is having an outbreak. It's unlikely, IF you have the virus that it would have travelled to your eyelids. I did not recieve a blood test for Herpes... (61 replies)
... Hey girl, That is strange. But then again, OBs can occur in different ways for different people. Sounds like you may have gotten a false negative result. Have you been past 3 mos since your last blood test? Did you have a blood test or just a culture done last time? I can't recall if you did, sorry. You guys might have had this before and just never noticed it. It... (61 replies)

... Just wondering if someone can shed some light on some strange occurrences. I am female and about 8 weeks ago I had protected sex using a condom with a guy. ... (0 replies)
... Just wondering if someone can shed some light on some strange occurrences. I am female and about 8 weeks ago I had protected sex using a condom with a guy. ... (61 replies)
... I did have a nice weekend until now.......tonight I felt a kind of burning feeling inside my vagina i went to the toilet and urinating hurt just a little. ... (61 replies)
... I am still having to go to a dermatologist on monday about my eyes. It's so strange the area above my eyelids and below my eyebrows turns yellow sometimes. ... (61 replies)
... Hi T, Thanks for getting back to me, and sorry with the delay. So I think I have had another outbreak ... but not in the same place? I've been very itchy/red at the cliteral hood/clitoris area of the vagina? And if you'd read my older posts you'd know this is a different spot then before. Could it have spread upward though the vagina? Normally H comes back in the same spot... (61 replies)
... What are the weird symptoms inside your vagina you experience? ... (61 replies)
... Hi T, That sounds like good news. So probably don't have it. I know it's hard not to stress because you not feeling too well. I'm doing okay. I have to say, i have had what seemed like an OB for at least 2 weeks. So it seemed. I don't know if i was just imaging it or what. But it's possible to have the symptoms for quite awhile if you are truly positive for herpes. ... (61 replies)
... I know that I got a negative blood test at week 9 but it's not conclusive. Do you think if it is herpes I would have an uncomfortable feeling in my vagina for 3 weeks and pain in my abdomen? ... (61 replies)
... Oh its' good you have a doctor that at least did further testing. I hope it's not H too. Sending positive thoughts your way. I'm doing fairly well. I haven't tried the lysine yet. I'm still doing my DMSO liquid, cell food and my daily vitamins. If I need too for the itchies, I do my epsom salt etc. bath with my oils. Peroxide helps too. I'm on vacation this week so I... (61 replies)
... are enlarged fordyce spots. I do get them in my mouth under my upper lips so I'm hoping that it is what the bumps are. He took a swab of that bumps and inside my vagina too. I will know in two days. He seems to think my pelvic and internal vagina issues might be due to stress. ... (61 replies)
... I am an 18 year old virgin, and ever since I was about 13 I began to develop these tiny little bumps just inside my vaginal lips, I went to the doctor twice 4 yrs ago and he said I had some *bacteria problem* so he gave me a wash to use, but it never seemed to help. I now have alot of the little tiny bumps, they are skin-colored execept some of them form white heads, almost... (7 replies)
... o with STD's at all, and that it could very well be a certain brand of tampon I've been using or something like that. Or, because I've had an inflammation in the vagina not related to STD's etc. ... (61 replies)
... Hi Traveller! Thanks for getting back to me. So that is fantastic that your test results came back negative !!! :) You must feel so relieved. I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'equivocal' as an IgM test result. But, I wouldn't worry too much about that test result as you said. I believe it picks up any antibodies in your system for Herpes (ie: if you had the chickenpox... (61 replies)
... abs did come back with a certain type of yeast infection but not candida, so he said that I should take the oral Diflucan tablet if I still have irritation in my vagina in a week to clear that up. ... (61 replies)
... Hi Traveller, You're right - once you get herpes in your head you think everything wrong with your body is associated with H. I realize that Herpes Zoster is rare as well. - but its definitely some sort of raised rash on such a weird portion of my arm. Its just so confusing! I'm sure your eyes are fine as well as I said before its normally only babies that get the... (61 replies)
... Hi there imfreakingout, No probs with utilsing the same post, we are all experiencing the same symptoms. It's good that you made it down to the clinic and was seen when you did. It's easy to keep putting it off but the stress and worry isn't worth it. It's a good note that the doc thinks it probably isn't herpes as its appearing in a different area and didn't see... (61 replies)
... Hi there, Sorry for taking over your thread traveller722 - but its just easier to have all the info in one thread instead of making several different ones. So today ... I had to leave class to try and squeez myself into see the doctor (when I lied and told my roommate and classmate I had an appt), and when I called I recieved a lovely voice mail saying they were on... (61 replies)

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