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... is VERY accurate, and not to worry about that, but that I probably just have another bacterial infection. But I have NEVER heard of a bacterial infection causing urethral symptoms, except on one website, which happens to be the CDC's site. But in all of my research, I have never read about anyone with bv having urethral symptoms. ... (14 replies)
... I have persistent Urethral Irritation. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, i recently had a urethral swab done for STD tests after a thrush infection. It came back that i had an NSU, which surprised me, and prescribed 1g Azithromycin. ... (0 replies)

... Surprised your doc gave u meds before testing you because sometimes the meds can not cure the infection, but can hide it. Might be worth being tested again. The tingling, could be from vigourous sex, or from masturbation. Try not having sex for a while, see if it subsides. With ghonnarea or clymida usually there is a discharge. Anxiety can also cause this sensation by... (1 replies)
... Look up trich. I think the whole spelling is trichamonis vaginalis. I'm almost positive that's what you have. Takes Flagyl to get rid of as it is a parasite. You cannot drink with this at all--alcohol that is. Good luck. I found out they don't normally test for this in routine std testing and people get misdx all the time with vaginosis, bacterial infections, yeast, uti's etc.... (14 replies)
... the 0 capsules may be a bit smaller...see how you do with those. if you can't feel a difference you may need to use two at a time, but i think you will be ok with one. (14 replies)
... Quick question, I can find the capsules in my area size "0" but not "00" would this do? (14 replies)
... hi iluveeyore, in order to "make" boric acid capsules yourself you must buy a container of the boric acid powder as well as a box empty gel capsules. some pharmacies and healthfood stores will sell both without a prescription. i live in MA and it is extremely hard for me to find either sold over the counter, which is why i have gotten prescriptions from my doctor. you... (14 replies)
... I must add my two cents in here. I also had terrible problems with yeast and B/V. The meds for the B/V would cause yeast. It was a vicious cycle nothing worked. I was in misery all the time. Finally a GYN recomeneded the Boric Acid Capsules. Morning and bedtime. It worked great cleared it up within a couple of weeks. I still have problems every few months but I just use the... (14 replies)
... How did you "make" the pills, that is what I am curious about? I think it is OTC now so I am going to try it, I have chronic bacterial vaginosis I found this information online How much is usually taken? Boric acid is available in powder form from a pharmacy, without a prescription. This powder can be packed into an empty gelatin capsule and used as a suppository. For... (14 replies)
... hi solstice, yes, i do believe boric acid is typically prescribed for BV infections and yes i have heard of out of control cases. maybe you could ask your doctor about it after you finish with your metrogel? i had a similiar experience to yours...i had constant discharge, itching etc and it always seemed like an STD or yeast infection. i always tested neg for both and... (14 replies)
... Hi analog2000, That does ease my mind somewhat when you say that STD testing is quite accurate. Basically, the reason I'm so upset is because even though I made a huge mistake, my boyfriend shouldn't suffer for it, as well. I have such immense guilt for what I did in the first place, and really would have a hard time forgiving myself if I gave my boyfriend an STD. I have to... (14 replies)
... Hi Oakbluffs, So boric acid capsules are effective against both yeast AND bv? Because I RARELY get vaginal yeast infections- the only big yeast infection I've ever had was after using Metrogel. My biggest problem is definitely BV. Acidophilus capsules inserted vaginally used to do the trick and take away my BV very quickly, but ever since my Copper IUD, I can't kick it. It... (14 replies)
... try boric acid capsules (capsule filled with boric acid powder, inserted vaginally at night). i had one doctor prescribe the boric acid powder and empty capsules separately and i had to make them up myself. i now have a new doctor and he gave me a prescription for pre-made capsules...the only problem with this method is that there aren't very many pharmacy's around who will... (14 replies)
... STD testing is quite accurate. It is very unlikely that your test results were wrong. But if it would make you feel better, by all means get retested. Why not just finish treating the BV? If you can't use MetroGel, there are pills available. Once your BV is treated, if your symptoms are gone, you will know that is what it was. If you are still having problems, you can... (14 replies)
... I'm just worried because my symptoms don't sound like what I've read about bacterial vaginosis. I am going to get re-tested, but I really am concerned about the accuracy of the testing I received a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone have any input? Thanks, Katalina (14 replies)
... Didn't u just say u had genital warts too... (iloveeuyore) (14 replies)
... I have recurrent bacterial vagonosis, please PM me, I would like to talk. I am 22 and have had chronic infections since I was 13 :rolleyes: (14 replies)
... Also ate you experiencing any urethral problems or tingling in legs? ... (8 replies)

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