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... sounds like you have oral thrush. have you had any other symptoms?? i dont know of many stds that have anything to do with white sores in the mouth (other than HIV, which is VERY uncommon just from oral sex alone.) (5 replies)
... she told me that she never did, about 15 days after spring break i began developing white sores or like blisters in my mouth. also i smoked cigars and drank alcohol for the first time pretty much everyday for the whole week. should i go get tested? ... (5 replies)
... i have been sick through the weekend and so was she. i also fell asleep afterwards without rinsing my mouth or anything, could it just be some reaction to that being on my tongue for so long? ... (4 replies)

... dude both sides of my tongue are white. and also on the side of me cheek next to a tooth i have a white like blister i guess. gonna talk to the dentist tomorrow. oral thrush i suppose.... ... (5 replies)
... canker sores (5 replies)
... very possible that you just burnt your mouth.... it happens to people all the time. i would still talk to a doc about it, just incase. (5 replies)
... no.. i never did have any other symptoms, im kinda worryied, because i was eating pizza like 5 hours before and i burnt the roof of my mouth and i was thinking that would cause hivs if she was infected but i dunno. ... (5 replies)
... and Canker sores are different. The canker sores are the white little circles in your mouth supposedly caused by stress, bacterial problems, or weak mouth lining. They're not contagious. ... (10 replies)
... I always thought that herepes meant cold sores and canker sores are those little white ulcers that everyone gets inside their mouth. Is that right? ... (1 replies)
Sore in mouth
Jun 19, 2007
... like sore in my mouth. it's on the side of my mouth just near my top right rear molar. it's very weird, sort of like a growth of the gum. ... (1 replies)
... ild case of oral thrush from a my tounge getting pierced. I was concered and get it checked out..was from the piericing. I have researched a lot about thrush and sores in mouth... ... (4 replies)
... If it's more just a thin film and less thick and white than thrush, and it doesn't hurt, it's probably safe to wait a few days and see if it goes away. Sometimes people's tongues just get white. ... (2 replies)
... Canker sores are acute bacterial infections that go away after being fought off by the immune system. They appear as white circles on the inside of the mouth. ... (10 replies)
... Cold sores is another name for Herpes type 1. While it prefers to live on the mouth, it can also live on the genitals. ... (2 replies)
... See, the little white circles aren't a form of herpes. Scientists believe they are from stress or something. ... (10 replies)
... e bumps. supposively, if u told a big lie, u're suppose to get them.. it's nothing, i dunno how it really comes forth but it should be nothing.. the ones in the mouth area sound like cold sores.. it's a form of herpes that just about everyone has. nothing to get crazy about. ... (4 replies)
... After 3 days, I had intercourse with regular patner. She had vaginal pain, freqent visit to bathroom and also white stuff was comming out of her vagina and she had it for 1 week. Around same time my penis was itchy, white flaky skin was comming off of penis, and burned. ... (0 replies)
... n my hpv diagnoses. Anyways, I'm just so darn confused cause these pimples would itch and clear liquid would come out. Then they would harden and turn into nasty white heads and qhite puss would come out like you would get a pimple..just like a pimple. But it scares me cause it itches.. ... (12 replies)
Cold sore or acne
Jun 11, 2007
... o squeeze them and clear fluid comes out. I freaked out, it happens sometimes when I start my period. Sometimes if they are there long enough, it will harden and white puss will come out when I squeeze it like a white head or something. One time I used acne cream around it and it hardened and went away. ... (12 replies)
Stressed after Sex
Jun 23, 2014
... It happened once, the entire tongue was covered with a thick white paste, I scrubbed it off, it came out easily, no inflammation or bleeding. But my tongue has become really white and brushy in texture. ... (13 replies)

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