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Hi WSpencer, I see you're in the Boston area - I'm on the south shore. There is at least one nasty cold/stomach bug going around this area in addition to the H1N1 virus. (As I posted here in another thread,) my son was home with severe nausea and much of what you describe for 4 solid days before it broke... there was no fever, and in fact he registered cold - I though my thermometer was broken.

He was better on Friday/Saturday, Today however he has a bad cough, aches and fever as well as a strange abscess on his foot unlike anything I've ever seen. This is most likely something new hitting him - but he only had contact with the outside world for a few minutes yesterday, so I did wonder if the H1N1 virus could start off as a bad cold and progress into something worse after a week.

Even if this isn't the Swine flu you have, you still have an illness that needs care & rest. Stay hydrated and drink lots of chicken noodle soup. (it saved my eldest son, but that's a story for another day) I hope you're feeling better soon!
[QUOTE=wspencer;4107875]Hello all

Has anyone had flu-like symptoms without having a fever? In fact, my body temp is low (for me) at 96.5 degrees. However, I have severe body aches, fatigue (but I'm not sleepy), bad dizziness, chills, sometimes what feels like hot flashes, and oddly I feel SO confused much of the day. It's been going on for a couple of days now but as I mentioned, all without a fever. Plus, I do not have a cough or congestion - how confusing but man do I feel sick!


Thank you!

Sorry - also needed to add that I've been extremely nauseous and have had a bit of diarrhea.[/QUOTE]

The same thing hit me unexpectedly at work! At first my heart started racing. I thought I was having a panic attack. But once I came home the symptoms you described took over me. Im currently recovering from those symptoms. I have no clue what I have! It was very scary because I had no fever or symptoms relating to a cold ( runny nose, cough...)
Wspencer, Thanks for your blog. Yesterday my 14 yr. old daughter woke feeling nauseous, went to school and began feeling chills, achey and a headache. I took her to her Dr. and she was put on Tamiflu although NO fever was present. Last night she woke sweating in 68 degrees 2 x's still with NO fever. All day today she has been having muscle soreness and pain as well as a sore throat. Still no fever... Wonder if this is what you have describes as well. Dr. seemed to think the fever may come on soon, but it has been 2 days now. I was somewhat relieved to see your post. Thanks for sharing..

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