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Ok so I was at a party saturday everyone was healthy (the day before I felt like I was fighting something off but felt better on saturday or I wouldn't have gone) come Tuesday 3 (2 adults and 1 child) had confirmed h1n1. The child had fever and vomiting, 1 adult had mild symptoms and 1 adult had high fever...started with the coughing. I started to get sick again tuesday...2 days coughing, no fever, today I woke up with my glands swollen, throat hurting...but the cough not as bad. I went to the dr and told him all of this...he never tested me just gave me antibiotics, but I am wondering if perhaps I did get a mild strain of it. 3 of the people at the party (1 adult and 2 children and they had the 1 adult with the high fever and cough that live with them) had the h1n1 vaccine so I am very curious as to if they will come down with it or not. Maybe then if they don't get it I will be convinced about the vaccine, although the vaccines are not available and I find it horrifying that they stopped making the seasonal flu vaccine for production of the h1n1 vaccine. The seasonal flu kills hundreds of thousands every year. I think its going to be tough to distiguish which flu really is going around with this shortage of both vaccines
It is very hard to distinquish between the two and doctors are no longer testing because of cost and it is too overwhelming on the companies doing the testing.So the doctors are just going by the symptoms which my doctors says high fever,bodyaches are the top 2.But I think it is hitting people different they say you have to have at least 2 of the symptoms but my son had everything except the high fever.Oh and why didnt your doctor put you on tamiflu?It shortens the flu and you dont get it as bad.My doctor knows I have the swine flu because I have had the flu shot I always get it when it first comes out.How are you feeling today?

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