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My daughter went to the doctor, was swabbed and told she was positive for flu. I know it was swine because she had all the symptoms of swine! And it's too early in the season for it to be the regular flu.

Tamiflu worked like a dream. I saw my child start with a dry cough, to a hacking cough with a high fever, to not being able to breathe all within 24hours....and when we started didn't help immediately but did help ever so slowly as promised and she got better not worse. She's still not 100% but if it wasn't for the fact that we started that drug when we did (within 2 days of symptoms)...I am scared to think of what she would have gone through.

I also had swine, but with a day behind in symptoms I was treated faster. And I have to tell you, I was sick like never before. I have had the flu before and THIS was NOTHING I EVER EXPERIENCED. I can see how/why people are dying of this strain.

Go ahead and think that it's all bull if you want and that immunizations and drugs are a joke...and it's all about making $$$ for pharmaceuticals (sure it is!) BUT....vaccinations can help us live longer, healthier lives for most people and drugs are needed when and illness compromises and jeopardizes our health. Yeah, both vaccines and drugs can do all depends on your DNA. It's a chance we take by taking them.

When you are faced with your child needing to breath, needing to LIVE...then letís see if you say "NO...I think I will pass on vaccines and drugs".

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