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I don't know if there is a way out, but...

This thread caught my eye because my teenage son had swine flu last month, and he dragged for more than two weeks. He kept on getting hit with other things on top of that infection--pink eye, then ear ache, then when he dragged himself to school and seemed infection free he came down with another cold almost immediately. He's a swimmer, and couldn't seem to get well--and his coaches kept pushing him, asking, "Why aren't you faster?"

Finally, I had a talk with him. I don't know if what I said made a difference, but it may have. I told him to start drinking a lot more water, at least six glasses a day. I made chicken soup for him, with lots of carrots because a doctor told my mother that carrots help fight colds, flu, etc. I told him to increase his garlic intake, at least 2,000 mg three times a day.

I'm not a doctor, just a concerned mom, but he got well within days after starting that regimen. btw, a recent Wall Street Journal article talks about food that helps build up immunity, and carrots were mentioned. Maybe I am on to something.

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