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Hi!~ i seriously don't understand this! i am 16 and i find it soooo annoying that girls can be so rude over jealousy and envy! I was at my so-called best friends house and i saw a letter from her to another girl while she was taking a shower. it was all about me!
It said stuff like:
"Why does so and so like her? ughh it makes me so mad. I hope she gets really fat and ugly. Next year we are going to be so popular. I wish Ali would just go to another country because she is interfering with our social life!! i feel bad talking about her, but it makes me so mad that (blank) wants to hook up with her. I have liked him for so long. She is soooo skinny and i feel so fat when i am around her, especially at the beach...."

^ that up there isn't even half of it. it just goes on and on about whys he hates me! i did nothing wrong to her. This happened a week ago. I was looking for something to wear in her closet and i found it. She was in the shower and i didn't confront her about it so she doesn't know. I have avoided her since. This isn't the first time it has happened.
There's other girls too who always talk about me and my friend Lindsay. She is beautiful and i always tell her. i am not a lesbian or anything, just i like to compliment my friends... see i try and bring out the best in them... not bring them down. A lot of people (or girls shall i say) talk about her too. About how they hate how she's so tall and thin, etc...

Gusy aren't like this. These people are supposed to be our friends. I have always believed that "True friends bring out the best in each other", and i try to follow that. When my friends are happy, i am happy for them. I am not a jealous person at all. And i wish i only had guy friends. It seems to me that guys dont' care about how they're friends look or what girls like them and i just wish girls were like that too! but no... we're so devious, coniving, and manipulative. I have few friends who i can trust now and it just makes me wonder... sorry for venting, but i had to get it out. Plus, i just want to let girls know that they everyone has their good and bad qualities, and that we should appreciate the good ones, and forget the bad ones.

Luv always,
I just have to say that guys are like that, just not in the same way. They're not going to write a note to their friend or anything like that, but they do get jealous of guys who look better, are better off, and get more girls.

As far as the girl jealousy thing goes, it human nature. While guys beat each other up, girls talk about each other behind their backs. It's just the way it goes. And though that girl may not be the best friend, I think you can still be friends with someone who is jealous. I'm jealous of almost all of my friends, for some reason or another, and when I get together with them while one isn't there, we say why she make's us mad or jealous. She's still my good friend and I know that these things about her are things that I can't change, but you need to be able to vent and it's best not to vent in the persons face. Now you're thinking how horrible to talk about people behind their back, but say you have a best friend who is (you mentioned being skinny) overweight and you spend a lot of time together. No matter what you do about it, if there's a guy both of you like, it's very likely you're going to get him. That's how guys are and it's not anyone's fault. But she's going to be jealous, and can you really blame her? Would you rather her vent in your face about it when you both know there's nothing you can do about it, or vent with another friend and have it be over. She's still your friend, and going to stay your friend, but she's still going to get jealous.
That doesn't really have to do with the letter, just jealousy in general. And it's not always the one whose lacking that's at fault. Many times girls have friends they aren't jealous of and when that friend is jealous of them they don't understand why and take it as an insult. Just don't ever say "just because I'm better than you...." or "just because I'm prettier than you...." because that completely ruins friendships. You have to look at it from their side of things and accept their jealousy as, simply, jealousy.
Okay, I just totaly went off there and didn't really mean to but I'm stuck here at work with nothing to do. Didn't mean to lecture, please don't take it that way. Sorry.


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