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Alright here is my problem....I am currently 18 and a senior in High School. In the beginning of this year i sorta told myself to try and not get involved to seriously with any girls because i knew it would be too difficult leaving them when it came time to go off to college. I've had a few girlfriends through highschool and have hooked up with a bunch of other girls but i've never really liked any of them too much. Anyways...come this past november i was at a family friedns house who happens to be my age. I met a friedn of hers there who i wasimmediatly attracted to...i started talking to to her on the phone and soon thereafter i hooked up with her and to make a long story short, after about a month i start going out with her.
SO its been about three months now, and i know it is not really that long but i feel like ive been with her for 2 years. I am so in love with her that i dont know what to do. It's like we were made for eachother. And i am sure that she feels the same way. This is seriously the happiest i have ever been in my entire life.
The only problem is that in about six months we are both going to be going off to different schools. I know i know, it is really far away and a lot can happen before then, but there is no way i see us breaking up. It kills me to think about it because i love her so much and i am afraid to get any closer to her than i already am. We started talking about this last night and i had to stop the conversation because i almost started crying. And i am really not the type of guy who crys.
Basically what i am asking, is if any of you have any advice of how i should handle this or how i can make it work when we leave in August. It would be especially great if anyone that has gone thorugh any similar situations could tell me how they handled it. I know that it wont be able to stay the way it is now, but i really dont want to throw everything away. Thanks in advance for your help.

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