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ok babes... I know what your going through. Ive had the same boyfriend 3 years now. weve broken up, together again, brake up, together again.... I love him more than any other guy. Im on a relationship yoyo, but you say youve been apart for 3 months and you cant seem to get over him? do you have close friends that you can talk to about him and "vent"? If you start to "vent" and point out all good and bad things.... it will make you feel better. If your not interested in dating right now, or finding another guy..... then DONT. find a hobby or something of interest, go out with friends.... a lil' partying never hurt anyone. just keep yourself busy! luvs/Susan

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Hey girl. I have been through exactly what you described. I went out with this guy for a year, and I loved him sooo much. It's so amazing how guys can just break up with suddenly when they love you and then for some odd reason, they don't really talk to you much after the break-up, at least my boyfriend didn't.

The guy I was with treated me perfect for awhile...for 6-7 months or so...then he just started to change. Everything ALWAYS had to be his way. For example, even when we fought, and it was HIS fault, I'd end up practically just begging for his forgiveness even though I hadn't done anything just so we wouldn't be fighting because I loved him so much.

Now I think about him all the time still. And it's almost been a year since we broke up. It's so hard because even though parents say sh*t like you don't know what love is yet, unfortunately, we do. And when you've been in love with someone for so long, it's like losing piece of you. You feel incomplete without that person around and sometimes I just remember what we had, and I'll start crying because I miss him so much. But he didn't want me anymore, and it's harder for me because a couple months ago we got together again and ended up messing around and it made me feel like we were still together, then the next day that sad reality seaped back into my mind. You're probably a wonderful, sweet and kind beautiful girl who just loved a guy so much and is still hurt over it. Don't feel bad or feel like anything is wrong with you because you can't seem to let him go or date other people. After a serious relationship, for me anyways, you almost feel like you're rushing into another one if you say yes to someone and I felt like I was being untrue because if I dated someone not too long after the breakup, I thought I'd make my ex feel like I didn't care much about him.

Let me tell you though, you keep your head up high and don't ever think that it's something you did wrong or anything like that. That gets you no where, trust me. And I keep this quote in my head when I think of him and feel upset and sorry for myself: Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Things will come and go, boys especially, and we just have to smile with the experience and the happiness we felt with them, and move on. Another guy will come, one that will treat you a lot better than this guy obviously did. Try and don't think about him. Don't forget him because obviously you loved him, but don't feel sorry that you lost him. God obviously wanted you to be with someone better than that or he wouldn't have allowed you two to break up! I hope this helps you and just know that I'll be thinking of you and know that you aren't the only what that misses an ex! Losing your b/f sucks, but you've just gotta learn from what you went through, and move on! Life's too short to stay stuck on one guy. More will come, I promise! You take care and write back and let us know how you're doin' if you want to!

Thank you, For a bit I thought that I did something wrong. I also thought that after him I would not be able to get with someone else. Now I am doing very good. I have been able to go out on dates and when the one I really like comes along, I will say yes. With my ex, he put me through so much that I am now happy that he is gone. I don't have to deal with him BS now. Looks like life is getting better. My ex is locked up right now and it is going to be so funny when he sees me with a much hotter guy. Thank you, I know that things can only get better from here.

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