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Hey girl. Alright, here's my advice for ya:

Number 1: You have a boyfriend. Do you truly love your boyfriend enough to try and work things out one last time? You never know if things will work out if you don't try at least one more time. Take it from me, my parents almost gave up several times. I know that's a marriage and you all are just boyfriend/girlfriend but still, the more they tried, the stronger they got and the more they wanted things to work, then they just did. SO you have to look into your heart and really really think about if you love this guy enough to give him one last chance. However, having said that, I'll tell you that from what you've described this guy could be dangerous, but maybe we all don't know that for sure. I had a "violent" boyfriend for a year, and he'd get really mad sometimes and get this crazed look in his eyes, but I never thought he'd do anything to me and he never did. So maybe he just has a bad temper. Maybe he would never dream of hitting you you just feel that maybe he might one day when he knows he never would...what I'm saying is I think you should talk to him about that. Don't say anything along the lines of: I'm afraid you're going to hit me one day or anything like that. Just be like I'm tired of the names you call me and the attitude and angry temper you have towards me, and if it doesn't stop, I'm going to have to leave this relationship, end of story.

Number 2: Your friend shouldn't be treating you like crap. Unless she just had a cork up her a$$ and was in a pissy mood, I'd say forget her. If she'd be that much of a b*tch to you than she isn't a true friend. Remember true friends never let you down, and when they do, they are always the first to apologize. I keep that in mind, too.

Number 3: I think if you like Mark, and Mark likes you, and your boyfriend doesn't stop treating you like crap, then give it a chance. Don't give up on your man yet though. I'm sure he loves you and maybe he's just having a rough time about something unless you guys always talk everything out (I'm not really sure...)...

To sum it all up, try things out one more time with your b/f, forget you're friend unless she apologizes and you guys talk things out, and if number 1 doesn't work, shoot for Mark. Just remember that all things happen for a reason and everything will turn out alright! Oh yeah, and take it from me who has had personal experience, don't waste your tears or stress on bad friends. It leads you no where and you will feel 10 times better if you drop this girl if she really doesn't feel bad for treating YOU so bad @ King's Island. She just doesn't seem worth the time.

I really hope I've helped you and don't be upset! Time heals all wounds and guys suck sometimes! So if things don't work out between you two, cheer up. Another will come along....Mark perhaps...? Hehe :) Good luck w/ everything and sorry if I bored you with my long a$$ response!


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