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Re: Boyfriend
Jun 17, 2002
Hey girl, I used to be just like you. My ex and I went out for almost a year, and around the 1-2-3 month, I'm not sure which one LOL but I started thinking OMG what if he breaks up with me? I think it's a normal thing for girls in a serious relationship with a guy whom they love very much to be scared of breaking up. But let me tell you, I'm just being blunt, if you keep up that thought, you're going to drive you and your boyfriend insane, that is if you're always asking him if he still likes you and stuff. I always would ask my boyfriend are you mad at me? Do you still like me? You're not wanting to break up, right? And it pissed him off so he told me and I stopped and the relationship went smoothly. We ended up breaking up later over something else, but the point is, you have no idea how long you two are going to go out or whether he's going to break up with you tomorrow, 2 years from now, or never. If you two ever get into a fight, that's normal, and sometimes couples break up over a fight then realize how stupid they were and get back together. Everyone is different. If he has no reason to break up with you though, then don't think that he's going to. And if it's meant to be, you two will stay together and if you break up, fate will bring you two back together. But don't think about whether he's going to break up with you or not, because it could drive him to doing so. I hope this helps and don't worry you two will be fine! :) Good luck with the relationship!

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