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Re: Guys......
Apr 12, 2002
I always try to be myself, and usually I do an okay job, but when I get near a guy that I would even consider being boyfriend material, I get all sarcastic and goofy. I always act like I've had a lot of caffeine, and that's just the way I am, but the guys that I go to school with just don't understand that I am a very forward person, and I don't keep things to myself(unless it is very important). I say what is on my mind when it is on my mind without any hesitation. I was raised by my biological father and I learned a lot of mannerisms that just don't suit me because I'm a girl not a boy like he wished I would be. My friends tell me I am sweet but even the guys that I am friends with can't give me a compliment. I know that they care because I usually tell my guy friends all of my problems, but once just once I'd like to hear that I'm sweet, funny, intelligent, or any other adjective you would rather use. Guys always tell me that they just want to be friends with me and that they don't see me as the girlfriend type. That is what I ALWAYS hear, and I'm really tired of it. I would like to find someone to connect with even if it is on the computer. Sometimes not all the people that you meet on the internet are 400 pound bald stalkers!

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