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Hey everyone. this is mostly for the guys out there to answer, as I am sometimes getting frustrated. I am sixteen, never dated, never had ne one ask me out...people say i am pretty and wish they could take my looks but if that is so how come no guy ever cares to even ask me out? OK to describe myself-I am half CHinese-so i have dark brown hair, medium brown eyes, brown skin, i am skinny-108lb, and 5.6 or so, i just got my braces of so finally i have awesome teeth LOL!
Anyway, just wonderin what guys really look for in girls, people tlel me i am really sweet, and i can talk once you get to know me, otherwise im kinda quiet. Also-do guys really care if girls have big boobs? ok thats been bugging me for awhile LOL so u can probably tell i have none.
Hi - Firstly you sound just fine! :)
I agree with psikilla us guys can be intimidated.
If this helps I once dated a Thai girl who had stunning looks, she was also very shy and quiet. Everyone assumed she was distant and definitely had a older, rich, boyfriend [img][/img] Also a lot of guys thought she was pretty but said Oriental girls were not their type. When I plucked up the courage to speak to her it turned out she was the sweetest girl, who came from a very strict family who were putting lots of pressure on her about her studies in England which was stressing her out and making her withdrawn - we went out for a while, she came out of her shell (lucky me! ;) ) but her older brother was VERY scary!

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