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See, I disagree with some of these people. I dated a few guys in high school, but had my first serious boyfriend when I was 17 and continued dating him into college. While I loved him a ton and had a great time with him, it was pretty obvious that we weren't meant to be life partners. In addition, I met some great guys at college and wanted the chance to date other people. I stayed with him WAY longer then I should have (up until the summer between my sophomore and junior years) and missed out on dating some great people. It took a lot of nerve and I was very scared of leaving what I was familiar with, but it turned out to be the best decision of my life....I ended up dating another fantastic guy who I am still with three years later, and was able to enjoy my college experience.
PLEASE, PLEASE don't stay with someone just because it's what you are familiar with. Something inside of you is telling you that you want to date other people, and that's OKAY. You're only 18, and the next few years will change you a LOT as a person. If you were 40 and were changing girlfriends every year or so, that might suggest a problem. However, I think it's HEALTHY to want to date a lot of people and not get stuck in a rut this early in life. If you stay with this girl now and are yearning for other people, you will always regret not having dated other people. You have to follow your heart, but remember to be fair with your current girlfriend and let her know how you feel. You probably won't be able to have her and date other girls too, and that's sounds to me like your heart is ready to search around and if the two of you are meant to be, it will happen down the road!
Best wishes!
Sorry Mike, didn't mean to abandon you.....I only get on the computer every now and again!

You sound like you're figuring things out for yourself as you go, which is great! The fact that you're still having great times with your girlfriend suggests to me that dating other people might not be the best thing right now....why look elsewhere when you have all that you want right in front of you??!

Over the years you may notice that there are other girls you are attracted to, some you may even want to date. I stand by my feelings that it is totally normal to want to date a few people at one long as you are honest to all people involved about the status of your relationship with them. Much of the reason I am able to handle my current relationship maturely is because I have been in so many ones that HAVEN'T worked. Those gave me great insight about myself and how I deal with people...and helped me see what I wanted in a "life mate." I have a friend who is 20 years old and just had his first girlfriend. It went terribly because he had no idea how to handle himself or what to do! You learn these things from experience, and now is the perfect time to do it!

I'm not saying break up with your girlfriend. She sounds like a lot of fun, and that's what dating is all about! Just remember your feelings for that other girl, and realize that it's not unnatural or wrong to be interested in meeting and getting to know lots of people at this age.

I had a serious boyfriend when I was 17, and one night when he was at work I went out with one of our mutual friends, who was a guy. Rumors spread all over the place that I was "cheating" on my boyfriend, when really I just saw a movie with this guy as total friends... in my opinion, people get WAY too serious about relationships in high school and sometimes even middle school. Very few of those relationships actually end in a successful marriage. My parents were high school sweethearts, but they are a minority. In this day and age when people are marrying later and many of them are going to college, it's just not worth getting so serious in high school when you will meet so many new people in just a few years! This is a long winded way of saying be honest,be true to your feelings, and have fun. Oh, and keep us posted!!

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