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Justin, you give just as good of advice as I do.

Kristi, #1, you are NOT a slut. A slut is someone who, well, does a LOT and I mean a lot of guys. You feel this way because you've done something that you regret. We all constantly make mistakes because if we never made mistakes we'd never learn. #2, he should not have kept pestering you. Guys do that and you have to watch out. Any guy who can't take the first no as the final answer to "Let's have sex" is desperate and will stop at nothing to get what he needs to fill the "sex hole" in his life. I do not intend this to come off harsh in any way, but when you two were together, all you probably were to him was just a girl with a body, who he wanted to get some sort of sexual act from. I have been where you are right now SO many times...Guys are so damn manipulative and they can make every word out of their mouth sound so sweet and so freakin' good that nothing seems better than to hop in bed with them. I've had sex with quite a few people. Let's just say more than one hand can count. And I'm 15. I regret most of them. I only have 3 in which I wouldn't take back. I made the mistake of sleeping with guys when that's all they wanted...and I learned from that. I learned to watch for signs that that's all they want you for...girls think with their hearts, guys think with their dicks. (Btw, Justin, and all you other nice guys out there, I'm not talking about you, lol :D) If a guy is continuously asking and asking for head, or sex, or ANYTHING, then you need to say something along the lines of "No, and that's it". If that doesn't get him to stop, I would try and get out of the situation. In some cases, this is how a rape will start...a girl and a guy will be together, the girl liking the guy, the guy just wanting some, and he will keep on and keep on asking the girl for sex or head and after she says no and means it, he decides he doesn't wanna take no for an answer. I'm not saying this is the case of what happened with you, I'm just saying in the future, be careful. Hell, this guy could like you...and maybe he was just horny. But for one, he shouldn't have pressured you and asked you over and over. He should've respected your answer and left it at that. That's the only thing that makes me think he's only after sex. I would try talking to him. Ask him if it meant anything more to him than just him getting to bust a nut. If he says yes, again, remain cautious, he may just say that to get more. If he says no, forget this guy. I almost wanna say forget him now, but you need to tell him next time he needs to respect you and your descisions. No one, male or female, should ever feel like they have to do something, especially when it comes to sex. I'm gonna go, but remember, you are not in any way a slut, a whore, a hoe, a tramp, are a girl who was with a boy and made a mistake. It's no biggie. Learn from it, move on, and in the future make sure you honestly want to go through with something before you do it. I hope this helps, hun, and take care of yourself. If you need anything, you can come to me, too! Lots of Love to you!

*Troublesome Trio #1*

"If you don't learn to laugh at troubles, you won't have anything to laugh at when you grow old."
-Edward W. Howe

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