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Alright, my turn to reply. First off, to echo the sentiments of everyone else, love yourself. Your boob size was the impish workings of nature and of genetics, and not your personal choice. Secondly, you must be a distant relative. My older sister and I were both wearing D cups by the time we 11/12 years old. My little sister got really unlucky and did the over night sprout thing in the 7th and 8th grades. At the age of 21, I now wear a 36G/38FF. If I'm feeling really sadistic I can sometimes squeeze into a 38F. Note: I'm at my healthy goal weight, but I've got a huge frame. Please take your body shape and size into consideration. The doctor was right to warn you to wait until you were around 18-21 before you make any real decisions. Make sure you watch your weight, this will also help your decision. Two more things before I disappear: 1) You mentioned back pain. Very VERY common symptom of biggus boobyitis. This could actually be a "sign", if you will, that a reduction could be a healthy course of action. I've seen my older sibling in almost crippling back pain because of her breasts (she never found a bra that really fit- yeah, that bad). She eventually got a reduction thanks to Uncle Sam, and she's an ecstatic harpie now. 2) Make sure you find your true bra size! Big boobs do like to sag, and you need alot of support. A really good bra will not only support your boobs, it will also help your posture (often dragged down by the weight of those huge mamas), and it will ease the back pain. Get someone you trust to help you find a size if you need the help,unless you *know* you really are a DD. There are specialty shops, and the staff is generally made up of incredibly helpful women. I know, I've been to biog boob shops in more than one state. Take care of yourself, and your gozangas. You only get one pair. Er, naturally speaking.


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