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I've liked this guy Andrew since last August. One night we got drunk together, and I told him I had feelings for him, it changed nothing. We continued to hang out, and hook up, and nothing was weird about it at all. A couple weeks ago I asked him if I had feelings for me. We were both on the phone and online together and online I asked 'Do you have feelings for me?' and on the phone, he says ' I can't let myself, your jailbait ' lol. There is a 4 year age difference between us. So, online I asked if me being jailbait was the only reason he didn't have feelings for me. He said 'no one said i didn't have feelings for you'. Then he said, 'I do, but at the same time, I still have feelings for someone else that i don't do anything with anymore, but still havent gotten over yet'. So, we both have feelings for each other. On the 14th, we were hanging out, and his ex girlfriends name kept coming up. I guess one of his bestfriends keeps having this reoccuring dream that him and his ex get married. So anyways, I got my tonsils out on the 15th, so I thought I'd be getting a kiss that night. That night, he was going to his ex's house, to get a paper for a class they both are in. Whenever one of us leave, we walk the other to their car, we hug, and while our arms are still around each other, we kiss, just like a muah kiss, which is the cute kind!! Well, that night, he walked me to my car, we hugged, but no kiss. I hadnt seen him since then. So tonight..this is what happened.... Me and my friend joulee went to andrews house to hang out, and we were going to go to a store where joulees boyfriend works so she could see him, and we asked andrew if he wanted to go,and he was like hold on i gotta call someone, so he did...and i mouthed to joulee, i bet its her...(the ex) and when he got off the phone, i was like who was that and hes like my friend....i was like whats your friends name? and hes like kristen..(thats his ex) so that hurt like hell. So then he came with us,to make a long story short, when me and andrew were alone, i went to his house to drop him off and he hugged me like 4 times....but never kissed me. i was like ok... then hes like lets go to starbucks, so we did...and when i want to hold hands, i just hold my hand out, and he always holds my hand... well i put my hand out, and he like slapped it like a high 5...i was like ooook. I think thats the thing that really screwed me up tonight.. it was about 11:05 at this point and he was going to take a shower and leave at 11:15 to go to his best friends house, well he hugged me like 3 more times, but i didnt put my arms around him cuz obviously i was pissed off.and i was just like so upset, that i just stayed parked infront of his house until he came back out, and he was like roll your window down, so i did, and hes like what are you doing i was like nothing...and hes like ill call you on like monday, i was like yeah ok... and i was being all short with him and stuff. Its not even the fact about Kristen, I mean, thats totally none of my business, but I would rather not hear about her. I cant tell him that, or things would be weird between us. Like I said, that's not the part that bothers me. Now that i think about it, whenever he is going to see her after me, he doesnt kiss me. I don't understand why, and it hurts so bad. I really dont think he's intentionally doing this, or even understands at all what he is doing or how he is making me feel. I need to know how to approach him about find out if he's just leading me on, or whats going on. I haven't liked a guy in a VERY long time , because i'm usually the one who gets hurt, and now i like one, and this is happening and i have no clue what to if you have an suggestions, please... let me know.. Thanks!!

-Nug [img][/img]

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