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What to do?
Jan 12, 2003
What am I to do?

I am not really a "cool" guy at school maybe that is why people find it so fun to do things to me.
I have a secluded circle of friends and after 5 years at Secondary School I have sort of annoyed a lot of people, or people just don't like me. Probably due to the fact that I am not a "Chav" or a "Skater" or like all this rather cool "Rock" music like Metallica and stuff like that.

Well all these so cool Chavs hang around in my form room for some reason, probably just to be with the other Chavs in my class. I don't really have a problem with them I don't talk to them and they don't talk to me.

However they seem to now like to annoy me. I am a very stressful person, I get angry quite easily when things aren't going my way and each time they used to do something like crowding round me and pretending to hit me I would lash and push them away. It never dawned on me at that time that by doing this it would continue. Now these people on ocassion do things when they have nothing better to do. Crowding me(purposly), and doing all that gay hugging crap.

Well on Friday it was the same except a lot more "Chavs" came to the room and they were all targetting me.
My friend(he has a big ego, he is strong, but I think he overrates himself grossly) tells me to retaliate against them, and then he will help me.
He is very smart person so it surprised me when he suggested this, he was being very serious.

He couldn't see that by me retaliating it would just entertain the Chavs more. They seem to thrive on my anger and on Friday I was calm, I was ignoured all they did and shrugged it off, it isn't as though the things hurt. But my friend still insisted that I retaliate and hit one of them and then take them all out or this treatment will continue.

I never thought he could be that stupid, by hitting them I don't solve a single thing, I make matters worse. If I hit them then they hate me more and I get into bad trouble at school and possibly kicked out of school which I can't do.
I really doubt my friend would keep his promise and help me, he wouldn't want to mark his perfect school record with a stupid thing like this.

He came out with a stupid saying "I won't take a punch for you, but I will take one with you" and I can only class that as complete rubbish. He has never been in a fight in his life and now he is telling me what to do. He said this treatment won't end until I fight back, but I know that these guys thrive on me getting angry and losing it. If I fly off the handle big time I will be fueling them. I can't beat them all, not even with help.

So, what to do?

Do I listen to my friend and fight back and not think of the consequences as that is only way I can make it stop or it will continue into the 6th Form and then onto Uni(which I believe to a even bigger load of s**t then he came out with in the first place)


Do I go by my instincts and just shrug these occurances off. They are not hurting me, it just gets a little tiresome.

I cannot go and tell a teacher as it would be a waste of their time as it would still happen. I would only get ridiculed more

Incase you can't work out

Chavs= People that go around and pretend to hug each other. They act "hard" and "cool" and twist things you say. They come up to you and say "you think I'm ugly?" and then if you reply yes they go and insult you and if you say no then they imply that you love them. It is all very sad and homosexual, I don't know how anyone can act like they do.

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