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I do the same thing with my best guy friend...we have been there for eachother for five long years, and the first time we hung out when I was a freshman in high school we kissed. After that, we just became close friends, never thinking of being more. Than last year happened...and our talks went into "us" and about us becoming more than just friends. It came to the point where he and I were down the shore with our friends and we wanted to go for a walk to talk, so we did, things got awkward and I def ran away from him, literally! I was afraid he was gonna kiss me and I got nervous! Then a couple months later he wrote me this amazing e-mail saying he can't imagine anyone other than me being the mother of his children, blah blah blah, that I still have to this day. The reason that I never persued him in a relationship was because I was uncertain if I liked him like that. He had a wonderful personality but I wasnt physically attracted to him, and back then I thought both looks and personality were a must. Long, long, long story short...we wound up professing our "liking" of eachother one night late on the phone, but never took action. Now, he's got a girlfriend, of which I dont like (not jealousy, I just dont think she's right for him, I knew her before he did, so I know what shes like), and things went sour between me and him. We don't even talk anymore, because I got mad that he totally blew me off as not only more than a friend, but as a friend. Five+ years of friendship down the drain. And it's been since january since we stopped talking and everyday I miss him more. All I can tell u is that sooner or later she will take the plunge and be with u, u just ave to give her a shot. I messed up big time, but I'm sure she';s smarter in the relationship factor than I am!

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