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Man, I have the same problem. I'm a really nice guy by what my friends, both male and female, tell me. I'm not ugly by any means, Iím not fat, I have very minimal acne, and I make the ladies laugh. My female friends always tell me "Youíre such a great guy youíll find someone, you just need patience." Personally I think thatís BS. In order to get anywhere in this world you have to do it yourself, and sitting on your bum all day will not get you any closer to what you want.

I think there are a lot more guys like us than you would think. The guys that, no matter how hard we try, will never be anything more than "friends" to the women we want. Reading this thread has actually given me confidence that I'm not the only one out there who has been screwed over by fate. Maybe those of us that are in this kind of situation are set apart from the rest of the guys our age. Perhaps by maturity, immaturity, intelligence, or just being very shy. Personally I think most of the stuff people my age do is really immature, even though Iím 17 and supposed to be immature and rowdy. I just happen to be quiet, and shy. I generally look for girls with the same, or a similar maturity level to myself, which always screws me over because I end up being more of a friend to them.

I donít know. I donít have any real advice or wisdom to share with you other than keep your head up. Try doing different things, going to places you might not go otherwise, just be spontaneous and when you meet a girl let her know what you want. Donít go saying ďBaby I want in your pantsĒ but just be smooth and just make it obvious you like her without actually saying it. The one other thing I could say that would be any good is, try going somewhere with your friends or whatever, and just approach random women and try doing different things. Experiment with the way you approach a woman, the way you talk to her in the first 5 minutes of talking to her, your body language, and how to read her body language. Iíve done this with a few girls, just using them as guinea pigs for my flirting habits, and have found that I actually am more confident with approaching women and talking to them.

Good luck man!

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