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Re: Need Advice
Jun 25, 2003
Wow, it sounds like you have quite the dilemma. I htink it's great that you have been fortunate enough to have found such a great guy and feel the way you do about him, some people never get to have relationships like that. The answer to this problem is basically going to head 1 of two ways, either taking a 'break' from each other to 'test drive other cars', or forgetting about anyone else and realizing that what you have already is great. You two obviously love each other very much if he feels the same way about you that you do about him. If you two both love each other this much, and you both can't seem to function without each other, is that not sign enough for you two that things are meant to be how they are? Who says you have to try going with someone else for comparison if you love what you have already? My point is that if you two have what seems like a perfect relationship, why put something else in the way for comparison and possibly cause some 'turbulence'? Saying what I have is not going to make the doubt get out of your boyfriends head, but you need to think logically about it. And if things are such as you say, then even if you two DO decide to 'play the field' for a little bit, things should work out for the better for you both.

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