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I married my best friend! We were friends for 3 years through college and just got married in September. We never even really dated, just went from friendship to engagement to marriage. Some people think we're weird, but we have the most incredible relationship. I think it comes from knowing that for 3 years, we hung out with each other every day for no other reason than we'd rather be with each other with anyone else. There was no "comittment" or "strings" forcing us to hang out. We just did it because we enjoyed it. We've now been married for 9 months, have a baby on the way next month, and there is still noone else I'd rather hang out with than my husband. We're still best friends and now so much more.

However, I do know that crossing the friendship line can be awkward.... boy do I ever. LOL. But think of it this way, the way I did. I also had the whole fear of "I could lose him as a friend!" And worried about taking it to the next level. But if you think about it, if either one of you ever get seriously involved with anyone else you will not be able to be as close anyway. It just doesn't work like that.

There is a country song that my best girlfriend forced me to listen to that totally summed it up for me. (Sorry if you hate country, but this changed my whole view of the relationship because it's so true.)

Friends get scattered by the wind, tossed upon the waves
Lost for years on end
Friends, they slowly drift apart, they give away their hearts
Maybe call you now and then
We could never be "just friends."

Forgive me for my cheesiness and sentimentality!

Good luck!

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