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I am SO upset!! :mad: My best friend ditched me for this other girl!! I am SO mad, She shows up one day for school, and she's doing her project with her! That got me really mad, but i decided to get over it and move on.

Since then, she's been spending the night with this girl like every night, and NEVER calls me! We used to talk on the phone EVERY day! but NO.. not anymore! Whenever i go up to her in school, when she's talking to other people, she ignores me and doesn't even acknowledge that I'm there, and only comes to me when she want's something! I am SO mad!!

[img][/img] I am So sick of her and her PERFECT life, PERFECT house, PERFECT family, PERFECT brother, and PERFECT BODY!!! She get any guy she sees without trying and it is SOOO annoying!! [img][/img] Please help me!! what do i do!?

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