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Aug 19, 2003
Living in New York, where evething in school socially is based on how good you can act, "black" so to speak.

I've been in the "in-crowd" one of the popular kids, for a while in the rock 'group' type thing, and now that its begining to be influenced by the whole thing, its changing for the worse, and i dont like it, once i tried to sustain it, i basically got kicked out of the group and not liked too much. I mean, the parties, concerts, and just chillin were all really fun, drinking, smoking, it was great..but people who have been almost best friends for a year, are at eachothers throats for some stupid ****, from 'keepin the roach of the blunt' to disrespecting his girlfriend, things are just not fun anymore. I dont agree with fighting between friends, and if you dont want to fight in a fight situation, your considered a herb. so basically i stopped fitting in with that group, because i'm more mellow and laid back.

Enough of the story. My dilemna is that, the other, are basically nerds, the complete definition of a herb. these kids, are complete computer geeks, yet talk **** in person and dress like thugs, and talk bout how theyre gangster, which is usually ALL lies, or somthing they did WITH sombody who peer pressured them, but they always twist the story, and knowing that theyre anoying to be around. BUT I STILL hang out w/ them. its funny how the few friends i have now, i dont like, and my old ones, dont like me. so anyway, i've got a few more years of high school, and ive read in college advice forums to never hang out with one group of friends
and for christ sakes, I will do that now, but until then, is this my fault?

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