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A long time ago when I was like 15 I met a girl and started going out with her.
I'm actually very Religious and I wanted to wait till marriage.
She said she wanted to wait too, what her reasons were I'm not sure.
Well didn't last that long, we loved eachother so we took the step.
And it wasn't an issue of self control for me, I know alot of guys don't have it. I've actually had girls naked in my bed that I turned down. But this girl I loved.
The thing is though, we are married now. She is still the only women I've ever been with.

You have to think too why save yourself till marriage?
With the way things are today with the divorce rate so high marriage in our society doesn't mean much anymore. Don't get me wrong I love being married, I love my wife, and I hope to be married to her till I die. Butreally think about what marriage is in our society. Look at how many times people get married and divorced its horrible.

I say find a guy you love. And if your very Religious you'll probably only wanna be married once too. But you can't predict the future, you never know what will happen 10 years down the road. People change over time, if you are the same type of people when you get married you might be different in 10 or 15 years. you never know. So what I'm saying is it might not really matter if you wait till you get married.
But I would say wait as long as you can and if a guy doesn't like that then you know thats all he wants.

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