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Ok girl. Calm down. I assure you that you don't NEED a guy. You may think you do but that isn't true. If you think you need a guy, then you shouldn't get together with one. If you don't think you by yourself are good enough no one else will. So start thinking you're worth something. I promise that you are.

Ok. Now. How to seduce boiz made ez. :)

Firstly, you gotta go for an image, difine yourself. Pick 2 traits, examples include: Cute, Sexy, Naughty, Wild, Demure, Sweet, Cold, Funny, or Focused.
Now become that image, stray from it rarely. I prefer cute, sweet girls. Find out who you are and play it up to the max. There is nothing more disappointing than someone who goes halfway.

Ok, now that you've got an image, you gotta find the boy who you will soon get to be yours. Since you are a girl you need to seduce him, and get him to think it is he who is seducing you.

Now, first thing. Don't tell your friends about him. No one. You may think that you can trust them but no. You can't. They will try to intervine on your behalf and let him know you are interested. This is bad because they guy will become disinterested if you could be his so easily.

Ok. Now talk to him. Find out his interests, if you have to ask, make sure you are asking about other people as well. Then... learn about them and talk to him about them. He will start to like you and will feel fond towards you. Make sure this guy is not in too few or too many of your classes. 2 or 3 is the ideal number for this. Two strategies now: 1) Hang out with him and his friends for lunch or other activities if possible. MAKE SURE THEY LIKE YOU and DO NOT SENSE YOU ARE INTO HIM. You have to be beyond his grasp for a bit. Then after awhile (weeks, months maybe! This stuff takes time, you will know when to do this. Feel The Force! Er... nm) you pull the infamous heartbreaking technique. You avoid talking to him as much as possible for three days. If he confronts you that means he is really into you. Ideally he will not confront you because he is too proud, but he will be upset that you haven't talked to him and... will miss you. He will realize how much he likes you. Remember this. You are human, but when you are absent from someones life you become much more. You become a fantasy, a dream, even a goddess. He doesn't see your human qualities and creates a version of you in his mind that is damn near perfect. He wants you.
If he does confront you, you are not avoiding him you have just been really busy! Oooh really busy! :) that makes it sound like you are doing important things, and your time is valuable. double points. Now things are back to normal, keep hanging out with him. Slowly be more affectionate towards him. Occaisionally put your arm around him, or hug him, or have physical contact of any kind. Do not kiss until he is your boyfriend, or you are on a DATE with him. Or the moment is insanely romantic.

If it's been a month after your first silent time with him and he hasn't pursued there are a few possibilities: A) He needs to be toyed with some more, pull another leave of absence on him. B) He doesn't think you like him like that. If you suspect this, confide in one of your friends that you kind of trust that you like him. That way it will surely get out that you do. (do not be angry at your friend for this.) C) He is a waste of time. Sucks. Happens. Move on.

The second option is a much more direct approach and I've decided that it isn't fit for teens. Sorry, some seduction secrets shouldn't be shared with youngins!

Best of Luck,

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