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Hey the Truth Hurts,

The truth is, girls that call other girls sluts are girls who wish they had enough (or any) guys like them enough so they could choose whether or not to be sluts. It's such a demeaning thing to say, and yet your desperation, jealousy, and insecurity comes through as you call this girl, who has done NOTHING to suggest she's sexually active with lots of boys, a ****. I remember this so well from HS. I was very pretty, with a big empty house where I would have fun parties with all my guy friends. I had a serious BF through half of HS, and then another through most of college, so I was NOT hooking up with all these guys that hung out at my house. They liked me because I was laid back, because my guy friends were laid back, unlike most teenage girls who are bitter, jealous, gossipy, and pitifully insecure. The desirable guys wanted to hang around other guys and me (because I was fun, and after all, they need a LITTLE eye candy :D) because we were not annoying desperate girls, maybe girls like yourself and your friends? Just going from what you said, not meaning to attack you here. Why don't you lighten up, stop being judgmental and throwing around blanket slurs without even knowing anything about the people you're referring to. That truly reeks of desperation, jealousy, and low self-esteem--it doesn't reflect badly on the anonymous, unknown people you call sluts, it just makes you look bad.

Samurai, what you said reeks of tired double standards and plain old sexism. Where did the poster say she was going out with lots of guys? She has lots of guy FRIENDS. And even if she dated a few guys and things didn't go right, that makes her some undesirable, used-up ****? That's thinking from the 50s. These days, women have the right to date whoever they please, just like guys, and double-standards should be dead in the water by now. Honestly, anyone who uses the word **** is either a jealous, undesirable girl who NO guys want, or a bitter guy who NO girls want. Why can't you just live your own lives without trying to judge and degrade people you don't even know out of insecurity and jealousy?

Roxy, honey, I think you're awesome. You sound just like me. Guys want to be your friend because you are fun, cool and laid back, very down to earth. Unlike most girls your age, your life doesn't revolve around spending as much money as possible on the right clothes, makeup, and beauty treatments so boys will hopefully (but not usually) like you. Instead, you're probably interested in sports and school and just hanging out, playing games, and having a good time--just like guys. No wonder they like you...honey, don't worry about not having a boyfriend yet. It's great to have lots of guy friends to look out for you, introduce you to good guys they consider worthy of a good friend like you, and entertain you in the time being. The other girls will be jealous, make up lies, and talk about you nonstop but DON'T LISTEN TO THEM. You are so much better than they are--they just wish any guy liked them, as a friend or otherwise, so instead they spend all their time jealously complaining about YOU. And because they spend all their time blabbing about superficial stuff like style, gossip, and their insecurities, all the cute, smart boys stay as far away from them as they can get. You'll have your share of BFs, and you'll be able to pick from the cream of the crop while they fight over your scraps. When I got to HS, this one girl who said nasty things about me always threw herself over my ex-boyfriends just as soon as I dumped them. That's all these name-calling jealous twits have to hope for-- your sloppy seconds :) . Hold your head up high and be proud, honey!! You ARE what they want to be, so be happy with yourself, do what you want, and don't worry about having girlfriends in HS--they inevitably get jealous, deceive you, and stab you in the back. Boy friends are much more trustworthy, loyal, and protective--they're the real keeper friends when you're in HS. You have so much going for you--don't let any insecure girls drag you down or intimidate you from being friends with guys. Trust me, it's only the guys you can ever count on to have your back!

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