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I must say that just b/c she is thinking about getting implants b/c her breasts are small doesn't mean that she if she does do it she will go up to a D, not everyone that gets implants does it to be huge.

I have also always been small, cup size A, but never had a problem with that b/c I am small all around - 5 feet tall & 104 pounds - plus my breasts were nice, round & perky. But, when I became pregnant at 18, they swelled up to a size C. After I had my daughter I breast fed her for 3 months then they went back down to a size A again. Only differance, now that I am 21 is that they are a little saggy & I really don't like the way that they look (but my b/f says they are fine!).

I am woiuld like to get small implants, but not till I am done having children. I would like to maybe go up to a small C, but deffinitely not be big... I more want to get them so that I am in proportion & will be doing it for myself, not to impress anyone else.

*sunshine*: There is nothing wrong with wanting breast implants & thinking about them at your age, I believe it is quite common!! I do, however, think that 17 is a quite young to actually get implants & that you should wait till your body is completely finished developing. As others have posted, some people just take longer than others! What you really should work on right now is getting your confidence up... having small breasts is not the end of the world, at least you are healthy & alive!! I think that before you get any kind of plastic surgery, you need to learn to be comfortable in your own skin as is. Plastic surgery is a quick fix, but it may not necessarily make you happy!!

Good luck to you!!

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