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there's a window of absolute growth for breasts.. aka... the peak of growth... sure.. they'll change a little later in life.. but there's a medical definition of the end of the major growth period

growth of your breasts starts around two years before you begin your period, and the majority (discounting major weight gain) ends about 2 years after.. if you've passed 3-4 years after your period started.. you're absolutely sure.. and your parents are behind you.. it shouldn't be hard to find a doctor who will opperate...

however.. weather I can personally condone this or not depends on a couple of factors.. how big are they currently? I could see a major increase in an A or B being ok.. maybe a small increase in a C especially if they're lopsided.. but I will tell you girl to girl right now honey.. I have DD's... and if you cross a certain limit (d+) you're not only looking at alot of guys who don't like them.. you're looking at massive ammounts of back pain as time goes on... I'm only 18 and I already have to have a heating pad sometimes because my back gets so bad.. they're really really not worth it at that point..

but if your parents support you and it would really help you to feel better about yourself.. I can completely get behind that.. but most importantly don't make it about the supermodels... you'll never look like one of them.. mainly because you can't airbrush your whole body and wear 1/2 an inch of makeup every day of your life... if you want this.. do it for you.. because you would feel better about your body if you did it.

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