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Is that just pathetic?

I've had "girlfriends" sure......but those were in 6th/7th/8th grade and lasted for about 3 weeks and all we did was hold hands at football games, talk on the phone and go to the occasional movie and kiss maybe once or twice.

But since I've been in high school I haven't had a real girlfriend. It's weird because suddenly the average relationship is a year+ rather 2-3 weeks....

Frankly I'm not interested in many girls at my school. I'm thinking about just trying to DATE some girls, just so I won't look like a loser to my friends but I really dunno. I'm friends with lots of girls but I have no idea if I have any "skills" anymore. It's been so damn long lol. Any advice?
I like what Kingofthedead said. Never get a girlfriend for any reason other than you like her.

Anyway, i'm 19 & have never had a real girlfriend. I've basically the same situation as you (nothing longer than a couple weeks). Just wanted to let you know there are other guys like you out there. ;)

Well, I'm not a guy, but I'm 17 and have never had a real boyfriend, so it's no big deal. In fact, I've never had a date-no junior high last-a-couple-of-weeks deal either. And they're right; don't go out with a girl just to be "going out with a girl". Everyone does things on their own time, so don't worry; your time will come when you have a "real" girlfriend!
me n my boyfriend have been together for like a month and a half but are reaaly close now we already say i love you and talk about how much we love eachother but i was kinda scared at first because i never had a real relationship before except like once or twice but i didnt know if i wanted to get really deep into one but now im really glad i did.I know what you mean about the whole 2 or 3 week thing because i was like that for a while but you just get sick of it and want something real i a freshman and hes a sophmore i know ur a guy and u dont have to know this but hes good looking and i was talking to his mom and she said he never really had someone to care so much about.but i think u should go for it and having a real boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't matter and if ur just friends with benfits with someone alls that causes it just a whole lot a problems.I learned that before i was with my b.f. now and the guy was his ex best friend but yea we were friends with benefits or (kicks) and he told like everyone at school (i got him back!)and i was the new girl so my reputation isnt that great but i was so happy that he still wanted me after all that .just dont get urself into a mess like i did because it's not worth it and when u really want a g.f. she wont be there but i got really lucky. l8ters

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