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Sep 7, 2003
In January, I cheated on my boyfriend with one of my cousins, boyfriends, friends.

My boyfriend now does not want me hanging out or going places with my cousin.

Because he said it only brings trouble. Right now we arent allowed to see each other because of my parents, and we are trying our best to keep it real. And I went to a festival at our park with my cousin, and a few friends. And no matter what I say he says that there were boys there, and they're werent. I swore to him, but he said he would never beleive me.

I know this could last forever- his not beleiving me or having trust in me...But should I just give up?-Its been almost two years.
He broke up with me tonight over it, but I think we'll get back together, we always do..

My cousin is like my sister to me..And now her boyfriend is very strict on her...But I can't get my boyfriend to see that either.

Am I just talking to a wall?

Will he ever change?

We both think once I move in with him at his house, that we will be much better, and everything will work out, because then ill be legal (18) and we'll be doig everything together without someone telling us we cant see each other.

I know I should be able to see my friends still and all...But my boyfriend doesnt trust me at all even with my friends Ive never done bad things with.

We havent been able to see each other but twice in three weeks...Is it not true love when we cant even keep together? And that he is accusing me?

I asked him what did he expect for me to stay in my room and cry about us all the time?

And he said that since he doesnt go out with his friends, that I shouldnt, or that because he doesnt go shopping, i shouldnt...And to me thats not fair at all...His friends ditched him and became big losers, just because they were jelous he had a friends were understanding, and are still around.

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