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hmmm... tricky. A lot of guys in high school like to flirt and get some action without really wanting to commit to a relationship. Without getting too much into that... I'll just try and answer your question.

Sounds like he's extremely sex-minded. I know it's common in high school to say things like "I want to pop your cherry" or say that someone has a real nice size ***** (which he by the way wouldn't be able to tell through your underwear - so shows how unexperienced he is), but I still think it's rude. If an adult were to say things like that to another adult, it would be sexual harassment.

I was young once, so I know it feels great to get attention - especially if it's from the guy you have a crush on. But I'm sorry to say that this guy sounds like bad news. A guy who really respects you wouldn't make derogatory sexual remarks to you. He would want to get to know YOU and not just your body.

He seems to only like you if you give him "sexual" or "physical" attention. It isn't nice of him to be able to bump into you, but you can't do the same to him. If he really liked you, he would be really happy that you were trying to get his attention.

Sounds like he's just playing with your mind, has sexual issues at an already young age, but doesn't want to get really involved with you. My guess is that he doesn't know anything about sex - which is okay at your age, but that he wants everyone to think he does so that's why he talks about it.

Sorry, honey. He's very disrespectful. I know you'll find another guy that's actually worth your attention.

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