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Re: Family-Problems
Sep 29, 2003
Well like I said I was just going to tell them I was going, and then go. So I did, and no one said anything, then I came home about a hour and a half later, and I was like I went to the petshop with my boyfriend, and my gma was just like yeah I know you did(she was at work when i left), and im like well theres no need for me to add on to ur stress and lie to u like jane does, at least u know where i am and who im with. And shes like yeah but ive known uve been seein him, and im like yeah i know ur not stupid, u could basically figure.

Kinda reinforcing her smartness at the same time lol, or i mean making her feel smart and such, then i went on about my busines, and I cooked dinner and we all sat and ate, then had company come over. And everything was pretty smooth.

Tonight I even invovled her in some of my school stuff, and had her give me a small quiz where she read things, and then i answered them back, to kinda interact, and I know it makes her feel good when she can help me in school.

Just one thing when it all came out the very first day she found out~She told me how could I let him abuse my body?-ABUSE MY BODY!? What the ****, He didnt abuse me, force me, persuade me, or ANYTHING!! I love him and he loves me, and thats where it ended up. She even had guts one night , that I was down in the dumps and said that "U know this is ALL HIS fault, and you did NOTHING WRONG!"-I mean what the hell??? Seriously! She thinks he like raped me, and claims she knows the exact night that it happened when i came home with a broken nail, and a hurt foot. When that was from boxing, cuz me and my boyfriend, yes, we box together, of course he is gentle I get carried away and try to give him a good one and hurt myself lol. But anyways I thought id share that with yas. And she wouldnt know anyways considering we had sex 3 months of dating, not 2 years like "we convinced her"....LUCKILY!!

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