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Sep 28, 2003

Just to summarize it all up:

-My boyfriend and I have been dating 2 years
-grandparents (legal guardians) found out we had sex, and wont let me see him
-i still sneak and see him but its really stresing me and im very depressed
-i have a very disobedient sister who is almost 15 (wont listen, leaves when not able to, doesnt say where shes going, who shes with, and is hanging out with a bad crowd right now ((drugs, older kids)) ).
-my grandparents fight endlessly, and its driving me crazy :( :(

Well okay its been about three weeks, since I have not been able to see my boyfriend, and its really getting to me i cry all the time, and get stressed real easily, and i have night mares all the time. Yesterday I had a dream that his family turned against me, and i had to literally sneak into his house like through a jungle, and no one could see me, and they saw me and told me to leave him alone and that they didnt like mixed races and only wanted white people around and for him to have a white girlfriend, im amerasian although i dont look much like it, and they kept telling me to get away, and this guy i never seen before was the one telling me to get away. And its so weird that i had that dream beacuse his family really likes me and his Mom/Gma even told me so. And so I woke up scared at aorund 5 am then went back to sleep and woke up at 6:30 ish from a dream that worms were crawling around me, and im terrified of worms too.

So today my sister was being rebellious and my grandparents were really fighting, and it was all stressing me out, that when my gpa just barely raised his voice i screamed at him and threw something across the room but it didnt break. and slammed the door to my room.

I beleive that when ur 17 the cops cant get you in IL or call u in as a runaway/kidnapped, but I am not sure. I want to just leave and say im going to my boyfriends house where everyone is calm and understanding, to get away from it all, but i dont have the guts to say it or do it.

I feel so stuck! And im sorry for making this long, but ur replies make me feel better and more supportted and my boyfriend helps me too but i like other peoples opinions.

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