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My life is a mess
Oct 18, 2003
this could be a long story ............

Well first of all my dad is in prison for sumthin he didnt do, he got 8 years, i speak to him on the phone alot but i took it pretty bad. I love my dad and i was so close to him and now he is gone i havenbt seen him in over 6 months. This is the longest time i have been away from him and i am missing him loads. We went though a lot of pain with my dad. Him and my mum split about 5 years ago. and this whole prison thing meant we had our front windows smached while i was in the room. This freaked me out big time. I was scraed with months and phsically couldnt be alone, that i had to sleep with my sister. We then had griffity on our doors and walls out side our house which also freaked me out, but in the end he went to prison now i feel so alone.

My sister has recently stabbed me in the back by kissing my boyfriend and i feel like my mum just doesnt care for me. I have been drinking alot but i dont hink this is a problem. i just need sum space on my own. Im 16 and i wanna move out but i have no money and no where to go. I live away from my family so i cant stay with them. Im still in love with my ex and nothin i do goes rite. I have had sex and feel like i should be talking to my mum about things before sumthink stupid happens but she doesnt listen, when i speak to her she is alwasy busy, she never makes time for me. ne advice or ppl with similar problems plz contact me and let me no what u think thank u x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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